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#KnowYourMIV: WeChat China's Top 10 Beauty Influencers

Gina Gulberti

Welcome back to another installment of #KnowYourMIV! This time we’re focusing on the Chinese Social Media platform WeChat. We’ll be listing some of the top creators on the platform and best performing posts they’ve made for major beauty brands within the industry, revealing which top creators you should be keeping your eyes on!

WeChat is a unique social media hybrid, serving not only as a personal messaging service but a platform for business. With more than 1B monthly users, global brands are taking notice and making sure to utilize mentions and collaborations on WeChat to push their Key Opinion Leader campaigns. 

WeChat, often viewed as the Facebook of Chinese Social Media, has a massive reach, allowing brands to connect with consumers through KOLs and their opinions, reviews, and endorsements of brands and products, which carry a lot of weight with their loyal followings.  

Explore our top ten ranking of Beauty Influencers on WeChat and their Media Impact Value!

Ranking of top Chinese Beauty Influencers on WeChat


Once again, this creator has certainly cemented his place at the top of China’s most noteworthy beauty Influencers (or Key Opinion Leader). As mentioned in our previous #KnowYourMIV article, the “Lipstick King” has made his presence known across many Chinese Social Media channels, and below you’ll see his overall and average Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) figures for his posts.

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Seen above is his WeChat post for beauty brand Elemis, which generated $28.1K in MIV®.

种草的喵 (A Miao)

Next up on our list is 种草的喵. This WeChat China profile uses her platform to review, recommend, or discourage her followers to use different brands. Her WeChat posts feature discussions and reviews of brands, as well as tips for skincare and beauty routines for her followers.

With a strong following and plenty of visual content, she continues to make a valuable impact with WeChat users. A post which was made in April generated $17.4K in Media Impact Value™ for skincare brand Farmacy.

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A face we’ve seen before amongst top Chinese Influencers and therefore should come as no surprise, is MK凉凉. She is considered to be one of China’s top creators overall, particularly on WeChat.

One of her posts featuring popular beauty brand Drunk Elephant made $5K in MIV®.

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Whether it be on his WeChat channel, or any other Chinese Social Media, wherever MR小茂 is, you’ll be sure to find his beauty expertise featured when discussing an array of brands. As a top WeChat Influencer, his engaging content provides his followers with information on what brands to explore, and which products he highly recommends.

For instance, this WeChat post of his that mentions the brand Helena Rubinstein amassed $19.6K inMedia Impact Value™.

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Lisa的美妆日记 has a large following on both WeChat, as well as other top Chinese social platforms. Her channel features content like reviews, tutorials, and products from beauty, fashion, and skincare brands, with many top posts including brands like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Chanel.


Number six of WeChat’s top beauty Influencers in China is 黎贝卡的异想世界! Sharing both beauty and lifestyle content on her channels, this creator has built a strong following on her platforms, especially on WeChat.

Her post for Elemis in February this year generated an amazing $30.6K in MIV.

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Whether it be WeChat, Weibo, or Xiaohongshu, this China Influencer is a strong profile on our WeChat list. 

Her May post including Drunk Elephant generated 17.4K in Media Impact Value™, and back in January with Elemis, the post made 16.6K MIV®.

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Another profile which was also featured in our last #KnowYourMIV with the top Chinese beauty Influencers overall is 原来是西门大嫂. Although she is one of the strongest profiles amongst Influencers in China, we find her 8th on the list of creators for WeChat.

深夜徐老师 (Late Night Teacher Xu)

Her overall WeChat Media Impact Value™ is an impressive $391K, placing her at number 9 in our #KnowYourMIV ranking! 深夜徐老师  has collaborated with plenty of top brands including  Estée Lauder, Tom Ford Beauty, Guerlain, and Dior Beauty.


In final place of our top 10 list of WeChat beauty Influencers is 小蛮蛮小!

This post features beauty brand Glamglow $14K in MIV® on WeChat.

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This concludes our #KnowYourMIV series ranking of top beauty Influencers in China - the WeChat edition! What we can gather from this list are the recurring top profiles, and the power and strength of Key Opinion Leader branding and content. For beauty brands, a collaboration or positive review and mentions from top performers across high user rated platforms such as WeChat, can result in high Media Impact Value™ and great exposure for brands.

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