Luxury Women to Watch 2019 | Featuring our CMO, Alison Levy Bringé

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It's been an exciting morning at Launchmetrics as we received news that our CMO, Alison Levy Bringé had been featured in Luxury Daily's Luxury Women to Watch 2019 ranking. Every year Luxury Daily asks its readers to submit nominations and then selects 25 of the smartest women executives "who show the potential to make a difference in the luxury business".

We're delighted to see female leaders being honored in the fashion and luxury sectors, and wanted to highlight fellow industry pros who were also nominated. We've chosen a few quotes from each interview featured in Luxury Daily's post which you can see via this link.

Luxury Women to Watch

Below you'll find a shortlist of the fellow female industry leaders who were named in Luxury Daily's ranking (in alphabetical order):

Alison Levy Bringé, Chief Marketing Officer, Launchmetrics


Alison Levy Bringé

When asked what she loves most about her job, Alison replied "the collision of data and luxury".  What truly motivates her is "helping brands unlock this secret" and to use it to their advantage. Not only does Alison stand out for her work in helping industry professionals understand how to harness data in their communications strategies, but also for her leadership. She tells Luxury Daily "The secret to a successful company is great and happy employees, so giving them plenty of opportunities to contribute, empowering them and, most of all, making sure they have the resources they need to reach their fullest potential is key for 2019, no matter how busy we get." We couldn't be happier having Alison as our CMO!

Darcy Penick, President, Bergdorf Goodman

There's no doubt that Darcy Penick will continue to be a strong leader in the luxury retail sector. Her belief that " the coming years, luxury will continue to see the convergence of technology with personalized experience to even better meet and exceed customers’ expectations" is sure to fuel Bergdorf Goodman's continued success in the future.

Franziska Gsell, Chief Marketing Officer, IWC Schaffhausen

As CMO of IWC Schaffhausen, Franziska Gsell is a standout leader who truly understands what's at the heart of luxury. She tells Luxury Daily that she strongly believes that "honest craftsmanship and beautiful design of luxury goods will only increase in terms of desire, their endurance a beautiful juxtaposition to the increasingly ephemeral nature of our world." Franziska is also a Chairperson of the IWC Sustainability Committee, and takes pride in the fact that IWC Schaffhausen published the first sustainability report (aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative standards) in the luxury watch industry earlier this year.

Maud Barrionuevo, Director of Buying and Merchandising, 24 Sèvres

Maud Barrionuevo understands the modern day luxury consumer and the need for providing the best products on the market, when and where customers demand. As the Director of Buying and Merchandising at 24 Sèvres, what drives her is identifying key pieces that consumers will love and seeing those products sell out. Her main priority? 24 Sèvres' customers.

Nathalie Diamantis, President of Jewelry for Americas, Kering

For Nathalie Diamantis, the retail store experience determines just how much online sales will grow in the luxury sphere. As President of Jewelry for Americas at Kering, Nathalie loves working with "multiple channels with various business partners and teams to develop the business". While she understands the value of retail, her mind is set on winning over millennials and sees it as an opportunity for heritage luxury brands.

Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchant, Saks Fifth Avenue

Tracy Margolies is not only motivated by the people she works with and seeing their growth, but by providing "the best shopping experience for her clients with designer must-haves as well as interesting new and up-and-coming brands". As Chief Merchant at Saks Fifth Avenue, Tracy also understands the importance of "bridging the online experience with a personal in-store connection", always looking for new ways to make Saks more "experimental, disruptive and engaging" with initiatives such as the 10022-SHOE and a complete overhaul of the beauty area.

Valérie Nowak, International Communications Director for Media, Digital and PR, Cartier

Valérie Nowak is another female luxury leader to admire. She is currently undertaking the transformation and revitalization of communication at Cartier, while staying true to the heritage brand's DNA. While she strives to continue supporting the growth of her team, she's also fostering industry relationships and looking for innovative ways to connect the physical and digital realms at the heritage luxury brand.

Team Launchmetrics congratulates all 25 women leaders who were featured in Luxury Daily's ranking. We encourage our readers to see the full interviews via this link, and hope you find them as inspiring as we did!

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