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Royal Ascot by the Numbers | Infographic

Launchmetrics Content Team

Have you ever seen the horse races on TV where fancy ladies and gents seriously dress to impress, adorned by the most lavish of hats you've ever laid eyes on?

Royal Ascot is exactly that event. Each year, it brings out the most elegant outfits and engages people around the globe to share social media posts about various topics. This year, the most popular topics online were sports and fashion, followed by high society and celebrity gossip.

While a big thing in the UK where both local and foreign royalty attends, Royal Ascot also managed to create a lot of engagement in the UAE, Australia and the USA on both social and online media. Over half of the posts were from outside the UK, with particularly active engagement from the UAE. Check out the infographic we’ve put together showing the actual numbers behind Royal Ascot.

royal ascot

Royal Ascot as an event initiated thousands of posts on various channels: blogs, galleries, YouTube videos, tweets, photos, etc… At the top of the list lies Instagram and Twitter with respectively 8,707 and 17,352 posts. We have collected the data through our newest platform Discover.

Among the top influencers, we find Mariano Di Vaio, an Italian blogger and fashion designer with an influential Instagram account of 5.9 million followers. His picture featuring Longines and the hashtag #royalascot engaged over 180,000 followers through likes and comments.

The top influencer by reach is Sam Turner, the Daily Mail horse racing tipster who reached out to the most involved followers through his Twitter account.

Most engaged brands include unsurprisingly Longines, the official partner of Royal Ascot, but also Alexander McQueen and Gucci. Alexander McQueen was mentioned in 84 posts, due to their white lace dress worn by HRH the Dutchess of Cambridge at the race. Her dress sparked so much attention that her social and online media reach grew by nearly 70% this year compared to last year due to her association with the Alexander McQueen brand. Talk about well dressed…

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