Stranger Things 2: Eleven Things you Didn't Know About Millie Bobby Brown

Launchmetrics Content Team

One of the top shows on people's screens last year was Netflix's Stranger Things, a psychedelic, sci-fi nod to cult 80's flicks such as E.T.

So naturally, same time this year, many of us are counting down the days till those late nights of clicking onto the next episode as the suspense is just too good to wait till morning.

We've collaborated with our favourite place for fun facts, Stylight, on an infographic surrounding the highly-anticipated new season, starring Millie Bobby Brown herself and the crazy amount of success she's achieved since being on the show.

If you haven't seen her interview on Ellen or her freakishly mature acceptance speech as she held a popcorn statue at the MTV TV & Movie Awards, you unmistakably must have seen her image somewhere on social media. Originally a UK native, she perfected an American accent at age 11. Find out more fun facts about her and her presence on social media below.

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