Infographic | London Fashion Week by the Numbers

Launchmetrics Content Team

We've teamed up with Stylight to share a ton of useful and fun information from London Fashion Week - all put together in an infographic.

Did you know that the hashtag #LFW has been used over 16.7 million times? Or that on Instagram, Topshop's account was the user that created the largest amount of engagement, but YouTuber and influencer Tanya Burr came in fourth place? There were also 20 cowboy hats spotted during London Fashion Week - yee-haw!

We had our data team run some numbers on London Fashion Week that we shared with Stylight and as superior content marketers, their team brought our data to life and sprinkled in some fun and interesting, random facts. The final result is a mix of quirky data as well as social media numbers backed by Launchmetrics.

Using data to keep up with trends and stay in the know is vital, especially in an industry that moves as quickly as fashion does. Knowing who in the crowd of influential people to invite to your next fashion show has never been more important and we do our best to keep you up to speed.

We've actually teamed up with the amazing people at Stylight once before on our mini podcast series where we chat about Content Marketing essentials. Tune in during your morning commute or lunch break and make it a little more enjoyable whilst improving your marketing skills!

Psst! British Vogue picked this up and wrote about it.

Header image: WGSN

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