The Fashion Week Effect: Achieving Optimal Brand Performance

Charlotte Gillet

The world of Fashion Weeks is a memorable event that wields a significant influence on the fashion industry at large . These events, held in iconic cities around the globe, are more than just showcases of new looks. They are catalysts for trends, and generators of brand visibility

From New York to London, Milan to Paris, Fashion Weeks are the global stage where pret-a-porter meets street-style and where trend-setting apparels spark inspiration. Established and emerging brands alike have their moment on stage, basking in the spotlight of media attention; emphasizing the need for meticulous attention to every aspect of their Fashion Week campaign. With the front rows adorned by some of today's most influential voices, these events remain a crucial influence, consistently guiding the world of fashion towards a new landscape. 

In this world, news-worthy moments take center stage as the fashion industry takes a collective breath postseason. From the dramatic, such as bed bugs, to the unexpected, like the technological advancements like Humane’s Ai Pin (Fashion United) and photochromic technology incorporated into fabrics to change their color when exposed by UV light (Vogue Runway), these events are a buzz-filled time. Then, there’s of course the brands themselves with all eyes firmly fixed on the giants to see every captivating moment. Take, for instance, the unveiling of Sabato De Sarno's debut collection for Gucci, which drew a parade of A-list celebrities and added to the buzz surrounding Milan Fashion Week (The New York Times).

Over the past few years, the fashion industry has gone through phases caused by a variety of factors from the COVID-19 pandemic to the latest economic headwinds. Yet, this season has emerged as a significant moment for brands, aligning impact with entertainment. A significant example, Shao's debut show, featuring the notable Anna Sorokin, the enigmatic figure from the Netflix series 'Inventing Anna,' at her East Village residence. This has definitely become a defining pop-cultural sensation of the year (Forbes). It's a testament to how Fashion Weeks have evolved into much more than trade events, now capturing the imagination of a broader audience. 

Fashion shows are now just as much about a brand's cultural capital as they are about the collections they introduce. While theatrics have always been part of Fashion Weeks, the public's interaction with these events, particularly on social media, has transitioned in a new era. Recognizable icons and personalities taking up the majority of the front rows have rewritten the rules, placing emphasis on the event's successful image coverage, online reception, digital performance, and the influence of key voices, whether that be Media, Owned Media, Partners, and, of course, Celebrities and Influencers.

Ultimately, the impact of Fashion Weeks on the industry is undeniable, from setting trends that will dominate the streets to giving brands a platform for unparalleled visibility. The execution of these events need to be seamless as they are not just showcases; they are the epicenter of fashion's ever-evolving landscape, continuing to reshape the industry every season, every year. So, let's deep dive into how these Fashion Weeks performed and how some selected brands leveraged its influence to elevate their brand image and reach new heights of success.

Performance Overview of Fashion Week

When evaluating the performance of Fashion Weeks, SS24 proved to be a success yet again for fashion brands. These insights offer an analysis of their performance by city. This was achieved by using our proprietary algorithm, Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), to measure the impact of placements and mentions across various channels and Voices.

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Paris Fashion Week emerged as the top performer, generating an impressive $499M in MIV® across 74.6K placements. Notably, Milan Fashion Week followed second, amassing $329M in MIV® from 56.4K placements.

In our Channel Split analysis across Fashion Weeks, it becomes apparent that Social is the top performer. Furthermore, Instagram is maintaining its dominant position as the primary platform for disseminating Fashion Week-related content. New York Fashion Week garnered $144M in MIV® (54.5% of its total generated MIV® from the platform alone), where London Fashion Week secured $37.5M in MIV® (42.9%), Milan Fashion Week achieved $188M in MIV® (57.3%), and Paris Fashion Week reached $269M in MIV® (53.9%), all from Instagram. This emphasizes the significant authority Instagram wields, with nearly half of the channel split allocated to this platform. As Lyst x Launchmetrics Beyond Followers Instagram’s report notes, Instagram isn't just a platform; it's a force shaping consumer-brand interactions.

Online coverage remains the second most prominent channel, contributing significantly to the MIV® for all Fashion Weeks. The online channel generated $46.1M in MIV® for New York, (17.4% of the total MIV® generated for the city), it generated $25.2M in MIV® (28.9%) for London, $47.2M in MIV® for Milan (14.4%), and $87.5M in MIV® (17.5%) for Paris. This trend underscores the heightened engagement with social content, expanding its reach.

In the Voice Split analysis, an intriguing correlation is worth featuring. While Influencers and Celebrities often dominate social media platforms, Media Voices prove equally capable in this domain. Notably, Media Voices are the top-performing category across all Fashion Weeks, with New York Fashion Week amassing $123M in MIV® (46.5% of the total MIV® generated), London Fashion Week reaching $59.0M in MIV® (67.6%), Milan Fashion Week securing $154M in MIV® (47.0%), and Paris Fashion Week achieving $284M in MIV® (57.0%) via the Media Voice.

Influence extends beyond the front rows. But, the presence of icons and renowned personalities has a substantial impact on the online reception, digital performance, and overall influence of these events. 

Top 10 Brand Ranking for all Fashion Weeks by MIV®

The carousel below reveals the ranking of the top 10 brands across New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks. The total MIV® for each brand is an evaluation, encompassing placements across diverse channels. This includes social media and online placements tied to specific search queries, along with interactions such as tags and comments. The data offers an overview of how certain brands stack up against their competitors in the industry. This enables brands to identify growth opportunities and boost their overall impact.

How Medium Brands can Leverage Fashion Week to Drive Performance

Medium-sized brands, often underestimated, have emerged as significant performers at Fashion Weeks. These brands may not have been in the top-ten at New York, London, Milan, or Paris Fashion Weeks, but their achievements are notable. What sets them apart is the opportunity to learn from their Q3 performance. Especially in regards to how Fashion Weeks played a vital role in significantly boosting their MIV®.

We analyzed the Q3 performance, and how Fashion Week SS24 helped driving a spike in MIV®, of the following brands:

  • COS (NYFW)
  • Theory (NYFW)
  • Iceberg (MFW)
  • Holzweiler (LFW)
  • Jitrois (PFW)

Channels and Voices Driving Performance

The infographic below illustrates the Voice Mix and Channel Mix Benchmark. The data was measured using the MIV® metric for these selected fashion brands in Q3 2023.

The Voice Mix metric offers insights into the exposure of consumers to different Voices. These Voices include Media, Influencers, Celebrities, Partners, and Owned Media. It's based on the total MIV® generated by each Voice for the fashion brands. Understanding this Voice Mix provides brands with actionable insights, helping them tailor their tactics and strategies to remain competitive. 

On the other hand, the Channel Mix metric uncovers the various channels through which consumers encounter brands. Whether it's Online, Instagram, Facebook, or Chinese platforms like Weibo and WeChat, this metric offers a percentage breakdown of each channel's impact on a brand's MIV®. By delving into the Channel Mix, a brand can strategically identify the channels their competitors use and prioritize the ones that will maximize their brand's exposure.

Mastering Fashion Week Coverage: A PR Checklist

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Fashion Week Brand Deep Dives - A Closer Look at Brand Performance


In Q3 2023, British fashion retailer COS showcased exceptional performance, securing an impressive $59.2M in MIV® across 14.3K placements. 

COS’ Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September (fashion week)
COS’ Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September

An annual analysis of COS's performance reveals a consistent growth trajectory since July. The brand maintained a stable performance between July and August, with $18.3M and $18.1M in MIV®, respectively. However, in September, the brand demonstrated remarkable growth, boasting a 25.4% increase with $22.7M in MIV®. This is noteworthy as fashion week campaigns often incur financial burdens but showcase substantial ROI.

COS's local UK market emerged as its most lucrative, contributing a significant $11.2M to the brand's overall MIV®. This success can be attributed to COS's robust Influencer activations, notably on Instagram. The brand garnered endorsements from prominent Influencers in the region. This includes Emily (emswells) with $141K in MIV®, Hannah (cocobeautea) with $92.3K in MIV®, and Olivia (ooliviamiller) with $91.0K in MIV®, among others.

China became the second top-performing market for COS, generating $8.2M in MIV®, thanks to the endorsement of golfer Lily Muni He. The US followed with $5.7M in MIV®, featuring successful placements from various Voices tapping into the influence of New York Fashion Week. Some Voices you might recognize include Influencer Voice Mary Leest and Media Voice Hypebeast.

In terms of impactful voices for COS, Influencer Voice took the lead with $34.6M in MIV®. This was followed by the Media Voice with $15.6M in MIV®, and the Celebrity Voice ranking third with $4.4M in MIV®.

COS’ Channel Split
COS’ Channel Split

An analysis of channel breakdown reveals Instagram as the pivotal player. Overall, it yielded the highest global MIV® of $34.7M, followed by Online with $9.3M in MIV®. These insights underscore the effectiveness of COS's social media strategies, especially on Instagram, which outperformed the Online channel. Thus, a strategic emphasis on social media, particularly Instagram, proves highly advantageous for leveraging Influencer and Celebrity Voices for brand promotion.

Among the top 10 individual placements, Lena Mahfouf's Instagram post stood out. It generated $291K in MIV® while mentioning New York Fashion Week. Additionally, Celebrity Alek Teeradetch significantly contributed to COS's success with multiple placements. One of them was an Instagram post featuring New York Fashion Week, amassing $241K in MIV®. Influencer Voice Tul Pakorn (Tyler) 吴旭东's Instagram post secured $179K in MIV®.

Reviewing COS's MIV® and placement data offers insights into market performance, serving as a cornerstone for well-informed PR initiatives. This empowers other brands to craft precise and effective strategies that optimize brand exposure, engagement, and overall impact.


Throughout Q3 2023, Theory amassed $6.6M in MIV® across 1.8K placements. While its performance in Q3 was not as prominent as in the previous one, there was an improvement in the impact of each placement. The average MIV® per placement stood at $3.6M, reflecting a 6% increase compared to Q2. 

Theory’s Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September (Fashion Week)
Theory’s Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September

Notably, the brand displayed significant evolution over the quarter, particularly in September. Following a consistent performance from July, generating $1.7M in MIV®, and August, with $1.6M in MIV®, Theory experienced substantial growth in September, marking a remarkable 106% increase from August, reaching $3.3M in MIV®. The standout placement for that month came courtesy of South Korean actress and model Han Hyo-joo. Her Instagram post, featuring the brand's Fashion Week hashtag, generated an impressive $362K in MIV®.

Turning to Theory's global performance, the Chinese market emerged as the most lucrative. It contributed a substantial $2.4M to Theory's total MIV®. This achievement can be attributed to the brand's strategic coverage efforts in the region. Additionally, it was complemented by the presence of numerous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who effectively ignited interest. The second top-performing market was the US. Owing its success to extensive coverage during Fashion Week and Influencer placements in Q3, the brand generated $1.5M in MIV® there.

Theory’s Media Impact Value™ by Location
Theory’s Media Impact Value™ by Location

Theory's success can be attributed to its effective use of two prominent Voices. The Influencer Voice proved to be the most powerful, generating $2.8M in MIV® across 738 placements. The Media Voice also made a substantial contribution, accounting for $2.6M across 589 placements.

Furthermore, Instagram emerged as the primary channel. It yielded the highest global MIV® at $2.3M (35% of the channel split), followed by Print and Douyin at $1.1M and $963K, respectively. These figures underscore the pivotal role of prioritizing Instagram in a marketing strategy that leverages the Influencer Voice for brand promotion. They also highlight the brand's adeptness at harnessing the potential of Chinese Social Media channels.

When it comes to successful placements, Theory's collaborations with Influencers and Celebrities emerged as the most profitable approach. Leading the chart was Han Hyo-joo's Instagram post, as mentioned earlier, which generated an impressive $362K in MIV®. Significantly, the top placement rankings were overwhelmingly dominated by various Influencers, with only a few notable Media Voices such as Vanity Fair, Vogue Korea, and Vogue US making an appearance.

Through a strategic focus on the Influencer Voice, Theory maximized its credibility, fueled MIV® growth, and harnessed the strengths of this Voice type to orchestrate cohesive and impactful marketing campaigns.


Iceberg, the Italian luxury fashion brand renowned for its fusion of high-quality knitwear, streetwear aesthetics, and vibrant, bold designs, showcased remarkable growth in Q3 2023. Accumulating $2.0M in MIV® across 560 placements, the brand achieved an impressive 112% increase in performance compared to Q2. What's more, Iceberg not only increased the number of placements by 79% but also improved the impact per placement with an 18% growth in average MIV® per placement.

Iceberg’s Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September (Fashion Week)
Iceberg’s Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September

While Iceberg's performance in Q3 wasn't consistently steady, it certainly doesn't diminish the brand's success, particularly its substantial boost in September. The journey began with a solid $354K in MIV® in July, followed by a slight dip in August with $224K in MIV®. However, the tables turned dramatically in September, as the brand surged to generate $1.4M in MIV® – a remarkable 525% growth. This exceptional increase emphasizes the brand's exceptional return on investment for its Fashion Week campaign.

Taking a closer look at market performance, Iceberg shone brightly in its local market, Italy, amassing a significant $1.0M in MIV®. While its performance in the rest of the world was comparatively lower, this contrast highlights the brand's significant potential for geographical expansion.

Crucially, two distinct Voices are driving the brand forward, similar to other fashion brands. The most prominent is the brand's Influencers Voice, contributing significantly with $1.2M in MIV® across 199 placements, accounting for 60% of its total MIV®. Following closely is the Media Voice, generating $445K in MIV® across 139 placements. By prioritizing the Influencers Voice, Iceberg can sustain its remarkable MIV® performance and continue driving growth in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

Iceberg’s Channel Split
Iceberg’s Channel Split

When analyzing Iceberg's MIV® performance across channels, Instagram emerges as a pivotal contributor to the brand's success. The key Voices were predominantly disseminated through this social media platform, solidifying Instagram's position as the top platform for brand amplification.

In terms of top placements, among the top 10 stands the Celebrity Voice, Italian singer Cesare Cremonini, whose Instagram post during Milan Fashion Week proved to be the most impactful Celebrity placement for the brand, generating $98.4K in MIV®. Additionally, Iceberg benefited from top-performing placements by Influencers, including Federica Scagnetti, who contributed $81.4K in MIV®, and Raquel Martinez with $61.7K in MIV®, among others.

These results highlight the brand's potential to even further nurture influential relationships with recognized personalities. Such endorsements hold immense value, establishing Iceberg as a notable brand that consumers aspire to engage with.


Holzweiler, the Norwegian fashion brand known for its contemporary and sustainable approach to clothing and accessories, exhibited substantial growth in Q3. It generated $1.8M in MIV® from 658 placements, marking a 4% increase in total MIV® and a 46% rise in the number of placements compared to Q2. This highlights their expanding consumer reach and dedication to creating resonant content.

Mirroring the journey of COS and Theory, Holzweiler experienced notable evolution throughout the quarter. As we've seen, there was a significant upturn in September, amassing $929K in MIV®. This signifies a remarkable 106% jump from August's performance, which amounted to $452K in MIV®. This highlights the impact of Fashion Week as a key event for brands to enhance their visibility and showcase collections internationally, ultimately leading to a substantial boost in performance.

Holzweiler’s Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September (Fashion Week)
Holzweiler’s Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September

Examining market reach, Holzweiler delivered exceptional results in the UK. There, taking into account its participation in London Fashion Week, it generated a substantial $623K in total MIV® during the quarter. The US followed closely as another lucrative region, contributing $320K in total MIV®. While performance in other countries was lower, this discrepancy hints at the brand's potential for geographical expansion.

In terms of Voice composition, the Media Voice took center stage in Q3. It generated approximately $838K in MIV® across 247 placements. The Influencer Voice played a crucial role, contributing around $683K in MIV® across 260 placements. The third most influential Voice was the Celebrity Voice, generating $130K in MIV® across 23 placements.

Holzweiler’s Voice Split
Holzweiler’s Voice Split

Regarding Holzweiler's Channel distribution, Instagram emerged as the top contributor of MIV®, delivering an impressive $1.1M. Online platforms followed closely with $440K in MIV®, accounting for 25% of the total MIV®. This underscores that while Influencers and Celebrities often dominate social media platforms, Media Voices prove equally capable in this domain.

Key Voices for Holzweiler predominantly came from Influencers and Media Voices. Notable Media outlets such as Hypebeast in the US ($96.1K in MIV®), HELLO! in the UK ($94.5K in MIV®), and Daily Mail in the UK ($36.2K in MIV®) drose substantial coverage. Furthermore, Influencers bolstered the brand's performance even more. With prominent figures like Chriswhly contributing $68.3K in MIV®, Parisa with $45.2K in MIV®, and Adwoa Aboah with $44.5K in MIV®.

The most outstanding placement for Holzweiler was Hypebeast's Instagram post during London Fashion Week, generating $54.5K in MIV®. Collaborations with Influencers significantly enhanced the brand's marketing endeavors, elevating its performance to new heights. Among the top placements, Adwoa Aboah, the model who opened Holzweiler's London debut show, generated $44.5K in MIV®.

Overall, Influencers and Celebrities, with their loyal social media followers, play a pivotal role in reaching an expansive audience.


Concluding our analysis of five selected fashion brands that participated in Fashion Weeks, we now turn our focus to Jitrois, the celebrated French fashion brand renowned for its iconic leather creations and contemporary, avant-garde designs. In Q3 2023, the brand achieved a noteworthy $1.5M in MIV® across 359 placements. Significantly, this reflects a 9% increase from the previous quarter, consistent with the trend observed in most brands analyzed.

Jitrois’ Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September (Fashion Week)

Jitrois’ Media Impact Value™ Evolution from July to September

Jitrois witnessed a remarkable surge in MIV® in September, amassing $1.4M, following $70.2K in August and $93.8K in July. This end-of-quarter growth marked the highest percentage increase, a staggering 1895%, underlining the notable influence of Fashion Week. 

In terms of Channel mix, Instagram emerged as the most impactful platform. It generated 86% of the brand's total MIV® with $1.3M. The Online channel followed with $198K in MIV®.

Jitrois benefited from placements by Influencer Voice Carolina (carolynmoura), featuring Paris Fashion Week, which generated $29.0K in MIV®. Jitrois further reaped the benefits of placements in renowned media outlets such as InStyle in the US, Gala, and Madame Figaro in France.

The strategic use of Influencers proves to be a prominent avenue for connecting with the target audience. This is a result of capitalizing on the existing trust that Influencers have established with their followers. By investing more in these collaborative efforts, Jitrois has the potential to elevate its MIV® and solidify its presence. Exploring partnerships with other notable Celebrities could also offer new avenues of growth and exposure for the brand.


Ultimately, Fashion Weeks have an undeniable influence on fashion brands, impacting their brand visibility, consumer engagement, and market positioning. These events serve as more than just showcases of fashion. With influencers, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts in attendance, these events become a center of creativity and culture. 

Media, Influencers, Celebrities, Owned Media and Partners play vital roles in amplifying a brand's message. Looking at the performance of Fashion Weeks, PFW stands out with an impressive $499M MIV®, followed by MFW at $329M. 

Fashion Weeks offer a stage for brand visibility and a chance to set trends that will dominate the streets. The selected brand case studies underscore how participation in these events can significantly impact MIV®, market performance, and consumer engagement. Whether it's COS or Jitrois, each brand's use of Voices and channels plays a role in their success. 

In conclusion, the influence of Fashion Weeks is far-reaching and essential for fashion brands. These events have the power to reshape the industry's landscape each season. They guide brands toward innovation, broader exposure, and deeper consumer connections. It's not just about showcasing. It's about embracing the ever-evolving world of fashion and ensuring that the impact is powerful and lasting.

The Importance of Monitoring your Brand Performance

This insight and analysis is designed to provide a deeper understanding of effective marketing strategies. Therefore, showcasing how successful fashion brands leverage Fashion Weeks to enhance their brand performance. 

Interested in assessing your brand's performance and comparing it to your competitors? For an analysis, delve into your brand's performance analytics. By doing so, you can uncover valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Fashion Week campaigns. Additionally, you can leverage those insights to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. 

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