A Data-driven New Year: How to Plan Your Marketing Brand Strategy with Cross-Channel Insights

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About the Topic:

Creating an Impactful Marketing Brand Strategy with Data Insights

Accounting for over several hundred billion dollars annually, the competitive landscape for brands and retailers in the Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty sectors is fierce. Measuring your Brand's Performance accurately across every marketing channel and platform is absolutely vital to remain competitive and continue driving growth. With omnichannel marketing now the norm, brands are tracking metrics across Owned Media, Partners, Influencer campaigns, Celebrities collaborations and more. Extracting meaningful insights from all of these data sources can be tremendously challenging. Brand performance often varies significantly by channel, and it's critical for marketers to connect the dots between platforms to optimize budget and strategy.

Launchmetrics webinar guides you and your team on how to accurately measure your Brand's Performance across every platform and compile all that data into a cohesive, insightful report. The session explores the key metrics brands should be tracking in today's cross-channel environment and how you can build an analytical approach to turn data into strategic advantage.

Lastly, we share tools and insights to ensure that your brand is optimizing marketing channels, securing impactful partnerships, accurately measuring ROI, justifying spend and winning approval for a bigger budget - ultimately showcasing your marketing victories to the C-Suite.

About the Webinar:

Delving into Brand Performance for 2024 Success

Now more than ever, as we wrap up 2023 - measuring your marketing initiatives to understand what is working and what isn't, is going to give your brand a strategic advantage in the new year. Whether you're a marketing director, brand manager, or agency pro, this webinar provides the framework, templates, and examples you need to build a rock-solid 2023 end-of-year report.

In this session you will learn:

  • The key metrics to track for each marketing channel to get the full picture of performance
  • How to connect insights between platforms to optimize budget and strategy 
  • Tips for presenting your data in a visually compelling report that tells a clear story
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when analyzing your end-of-year data
  • Best practices for navigating marketing investment and budgeting
  • How leveraging technology can help your brand strategy for 2024 and the importance quantifying your strategy through a metric such as Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) 
  • An exclusive look at a Launchmetrics success story

Watch the webinar now and learn how to turn all your marketing data into strategic insights that will set up your brand for an even more successful 2024!

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