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5 Performing Contemporary Design Brands Ranking by MIV® at Salone Del Mobile Milano

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Curious about your brand's performance at Salone del Mobile Milano? Take a look at this 2022 ranking and stay tuned for the 2023 report to find out how you stack up against contemporary brands by MIV®.

To stay ahead in the world of contemporary design brands, it's crucial to keep a close eye on your competitors. This means monitoring both local and global concurences as well as your own brand. One way to do this is by attending prestigious events like the Salone del Mobile Milano. At this event, leading brands showcase their latest creations and innovations.

Last year's edition of the event was highly competitive. While we await the results of the 2023 event, it's worth analyzing how five contemporary design brands differentiated themselves from their competitors. This analysis can provide valuable insights into the strategies and techniques that led to their outstanding performance. You can then apply these learnings to elevate your own brand performance.

By participating in this event, brands can establish credibility and authority within the market, strengthen their brand image and reputation, and ultimately enhance their brand coverage for a lasting impact in the industry. To take your brand to the next level, it's important to tap into voices like influencers or celebrities. For example, Chiara Ferragni's unique Instagram placement for Dior generated $286K in MIV®.

The Salone del Mobile Milano provides an excellent opportunity for design brands to strengthen their brand image and reputation, as well as enhance their brand coverage for a lasting impact in the industry. By leveraging this event, you can boost your marketing efforts and stand out from your competitors.

Which 5 Contemporary Design Brands have been Selected?

This insight provides a benchmarking analysis on five successful contemporary design brands at Salone del Mobile Milano 2022. Utilizing our proprietary algorithm, Media Impact Value™ (MIV®), we measured and benchmarked the impact of all media placements and mentions across various voices during the event.

  1. Kartell
  2. Tom Dixon
  3. Lago
  4. Toogood
  5. Wittmann

The infographic above displays the ranking of the five selected contemporary design brands. Additionally, it highlights the number of placements the brands had during Salone del Mobile. These factor in social media posts and articles related to specific search queries, as well as consumer interactions with posts, such as tags and comments. It provides a clear picture of some brand's performance in comparison to others in the industry, allowing you to identify opportunities for growth and maximize your impact.

Channel Mix Benchmark for the Contemporary Design Brands

This infographic represents the Channel Mix Benchmark by MIV® for the five contemporary design brands.

Are you looking to optimize your contemporary design brand's marketing strategy and boost its exposure? Then you need to pay attention to the Channel Mix - a powerful metric that reveals which channels consumers are most exposed to. From online media and Instagram to Facebook and Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat, this metric provides a percentage breakdown of each channel's contribution to your brand's MIV®. By understanding your Channel Mix, you can gain a competitive edge by identifying which channels your competitors are leveraging and which channels you should be focusing on to increase your brand's exposure.

Read on to find out more about the competitive benchmarking and analysis of these five contemporary design brands.

Contemporary Design Brands Ranking

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Kartell, a contemporary design brand with over 70 years of history, has proven its market potential at the Salone del Mobile Milano event by securing a total of $226K in MIV® across 103 placements.

The EMEA region, particularly Italy, Spain, and France, contributed $141K to its total MIV®, while WeChat and Weibo delivered the highest global MIV® among Chinese social media channels at $25.7K and $25.1K, respectively. Instagram, though not as high-performing, is still a vital platform to target a younger and more design-savvy audience.

Kartell's success can be attributed to its strategic use of various marketing channels worldwide. Its online placements were particularly successful, with the top-performing article by EL PAÍS Semanal in Spain generating $25.3K in MIV®. Other high-performing placements included El País in Spain with $20.3K, La Repubblica in Italy with $19.9K, and Franceinfo in France with $9.3K, among many others, including Elle, Vanity Fair, and Grazia. On social media, Kartell saw success on platforms like WeChat and Weibo, with the best-performing placement on Weibo being by MadameFigaro中文版. Kartell's Owned Media placements on Instagram also performed well, with the first generating $4.3K and the second generating $3.5K in MIV®.

To maximize its reach, Kartell needs to expand its marketing efforts beyond Media and Owned Media Voices. By leveraging the power of Celebrity or Influencer Voices, Kartell can increase its visibility and connect with a broader and more engaged audience. Additionally, implementing a cross-Voice strategy that combines the brand's Owned media with a Celebrity or Influencer Voice can enhance the reliability and effectiveness of placements and further boost Kartell's market performance.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a leading contemporary design brand with over 20 years of history, specializing in innovative furniture, lighting, and home accessories. The brand's success was showcased at last year's Salone del Mobile event, where it secured $205K in MIV® through 92 placements. Like Kartell, the EMEA market proved to be a profitable market for Tom Dixon, contributing $89.4K to its total MIV®. The brand also performed well in the United Kingdom, Australia, and on WeChat and Instagram, generating high MIV®.

While Tom Dixon has extensive online coverage, the brand may want to consider the benefits of tapping into social media for even wider brand coverage. Social media platforms offer a larger user base and more interactive and engaging experiences that can help build brand awareness and loyalty. Social media platforms can also more easily generate buzz and provide precise targeting of the desired audience.

Tom Dixon's success can be credited to its strategic use of various marketing channels worldwide, including online and social media placements. One noteworthy example is its online placements, with the top-performing article by the Guardian in the UK, generating an impressive $31.7K in MIV®. Other high-performing placements included Elle in the US with $30.1K, and the Guardian in Australia with $29K, among others. On social media, Tom Dixon saw success on platforms like Instagram, with the best-performing placement by Wallpaper Magazine generating $8.3K in MIV®. Tom Dixon's was also featured on a placement by AD Italia on Instagram which also performed well, generating $5.1K in MIV®.

To expand its reach and maximize market performance, Tom Dixon could leverage the power of Celebrity or Influencer Voices in a cross-Voice strategy, enhancing reliability and effectiveness of placements.


Lago secured the third position in our contemporary design ranking and generating a substantial $131K in MIV® across 192 placements. This indicates the brand's strong market presence and appeal to consumers. Notably, Lago's online performance was strongest in the EMEA market, with Italy accounting for the majority of its MIV® at $99.1K, followed by France at $9.2K and Spain at $1.3K.

Lago's MIV® performance was dominated by the Online Channel, which generated an impressive $123K in MIV®. This success underscores the brand's ability to effectively harness the power of the Media Voice to increase its visibility and brand awareness. While Instagram emerged as the second-best-performing Channel with $5.9K in MIV®, it was not as profitable as the Online Channel due to fewer placements. To optimize its Social Media strategy, Lago should focus on leveraging its Owned Media accounts more effectively to maximize exposure and reach. By continuing to refine its use of the Media Voice, Lago can maintain its strong MIV® performance and achieve sustained growth in the highly competitive contemporary design market.

An analysis of Lago's MIV® performance reveals the critical role played by the Media Voice in the brand's success. Among media outlets, Marie Claire Maison emerged as the most successful, generating a notable $9K in MIV® from a single online placement. Additionally, Lago benefited from Casa 24's placements in Argentina, generating $8.2K in MIV®. The brand's success on social media was also largely due to media outlets such as Salone del Mobile's performing Facebook placement. This demonstrates the potential for Lago to expand its reach and tap into a wider audience through social media.

Design Brands at Salone del Mobile Milano

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Toogood, the innovative design brand founded by British designer Faye Toogood, has secured the fourth spot in this contemporary design brands ranking. The brand garnered $119K in MIV® across 51 placements during Salone del Mobile 2022. Carhartt WIP and Toogood cooperated together at the event and analyzing Toogood's performance, it's evident that the brand's strong online presence played a significant role in its success, generating $107K in MIV®. The brand's presence in the United States proved to be the most profitable location, generating $57.7K in MIV®, followed by Italy with $22.6K in MIV® and Japan with $8.9K in MIV®.

The brand has leveraged the power of the Media Voice to build a loyal following, most significantly through the Online Channel. Toogood’s success can be credited to its strategic use of the channel internationally. One notable example is its online placement by Elle in the US which generated an impressive $30.1K in MIV®. Other high-performing placements included two Hypebeast articles in the US with the first one generating $10.6K and the second one generating $10.3K. Elle in Italy also generated significant MIV® with $7.7K. On social media, Toogood saw success on platforms like WeChat and Weibo as well as Instagram, with the best-performing placement being on WeChat generating $8.2K in MIV®. Instagram also performed relatively well, thanks to a post by the collaborator Carhartt WIP.

Toogood has demonstrated significant growth potential by building influential partnerships with other recognized brands, boosting its brand awareness and visibility. The brand could further capitalize on this success by expanding its collaborations to include Influencers and Celebrities, tapping into their loyal followings.


Wittmann, a well-established contemporary furniture brand with over 125 years of history, came in fifth in our design ranking during Salone del Mobile Milano 2022. At the event in 2022, Wittmann secured a total of $70.5K in MIV® across 50 placements indicating its efforts to appeal to consumers and build in market presence. The brand's online coverage was particularly strong in the EMEA region, with the majority of its MIV® coming from Germany with overall $56.5K in MIV® generated in the Country. 

Wittmann's success in generating its total of $70.5K in MIV® was only observed through Online channels. To expand the reach of the contemporary design brand, it would be beneficial to tap into social media, with a focus on Instagram. With over a billion active users, Instagram is an ideal platform for brands to increase awareness and connect with potential customers, particularly during popular events like Salone del Mobile. By establishing a strong presence on Instagram, Wittmann can engage with a younger and design-savvy audience that is likely to be interested in their products. The visually-oriented platform is a perfect showcase for Wittmann's aesthetically pleasing designs, which can lead to improved brand recognition and appeal.

Overall, in terms of performance, Wittmann's most successful placements were by Süeddeutsche Zeitung in Germany, generating $10.5K in MIV®, followed closely by TZ in Germany with around $10.4K in MIV®. Other media outlets such as WWD in the US, News für die Schweiz in Switzerland, and Schwäbische Zeitung in Germany also contributed to Wittmann's overall MIV®. However, as mentioned, Wittmann's success was primarily limited to online channels, and there is a significant opportunity for the brand to expand its reach and tap into a wider audience by leveraging the power of social media

How to Benchmark your Contemporary Design Brand

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Participating in key industry events like the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 is critical for raising brand awareness and building credibility. By leveraging such opportunities, you can strengthen your brand image and reputation, and make a lasting impact in the industry. But how does your brand stack up against competitors? How can you identify areas for improvement and take your brand to the next level? 

Our upcoming report on Salone del Mobile Milano 2023 will provide a deeper dive into your brand's performance analytics. Don't miss out on this opportunity to benchmark your design brand and discover your position in the market. Click on the link below to learn more.

5 Performing Contemporary Design Brand

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