#BeautyTalks: Roxette Arisa Howe and Alejandra Rodriguez on Influencer Marketing

Launchmetrics Content Team

Over the past 6 years at Launchmetrics, we have closely examined the influencer marketing landscape, and year after year, we've talked to numerous brands and influencers to better understand how the growing prevalence of influencer marketing has impacted the Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty industries. This year, was unlike any other. With the impact of a global health crisis, we were eager to understand how content creators have adapted to the new normal and how their strategies have shifted. As such, in this episode of #BeautyTalks by Launchmetrics, we are joined by two of our favorite influencers, Roxette Arisa Howe and Alejandra Rodriguez.

The two LA-based lifestyle and beauty influencers, with a combined following across all channels of over 5.5 million followers, share with us their unique perspectives on the state of influencer marketing, some insights into their industry, and how they create an impactful influencer marketing strategy for beauty brands.

In this episode of #BeautyTalks we will answer the following: 

  • How has influencer marketing evolved through the years?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges they face as influencers?
  • What are the metrics of a successful campaign and how do they communicate their value to a brand?
  • How has their content strategy pivoted during the pandemic and how has their engagement been impacted?
  • What tips they have for brands and influencers starting on TikTok?




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