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#TheStrategySide Podcast: How to Achieve a Successful Online Communication Strategy with Mango

Launchmetrics Content Team

Welcome to the ninth episode of #TheStrategySide by Launchmetrics - our podcast where we share exclusive and insightful tips on the best strategies for the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industries. This episode features a conversation with Estela Alcaide, the Online Communication Manager at Mango, who takes us through Mango’s online & digital strategy including the #mangogirls digital campaign & influencers collaborations.

In this episode of #TheStrategySide you will learn:

  • What are the mains KPIs and focus for Mango's Online Communication & digital Strategy
  • What is the success behind #Mangogirls and How does Mango work with Influencers
  • What are Mango's key takeaways to stay relevant in a competitive digital landscape

Take a Deeper Dive:

This episode explores in details the online and digital strategy of Mango, from influencers campaigns to collaborations. We will take a deep dive in the crossover between physical events with digital ones in an ever evolving phygital world. We’ll then go through how Mango measures their Return On Investment, what is the impact of their activities and media coverage, with the help of DISCOVER to analyse and boost their brand performance online.

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