Guide to Influencer Marketing during Fashion Week

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September has always been a busy month for the fashion industry. With fashion weeks happening across the globe, brands work hard to perfect their collection debut, down to every last detail. And in order for shows to capture engagement, the guest list is carefully crafted with those selected to attend, usually possessing a social following that brands want to take advantage of. Here are the top four influencer marketing strategies for brands:

1. Social Channel Takeover

Social channel takeover is a common influencer marketing strategy that brands choose to do during the fashion week season. Essentially, the influencer logs into the brand's account and live streams. Social takeovers allow influencers to drive their own following to visit the company's social profiles, which is a great way for the brand to increase their fan base. With social takeovers, influencers can also help brands engage their followers and share their fashion week through a different perspective.

Sephora and Wendy Rowe partnered together for the world-class makeup artist to takeover Sephora's Instagram account during London Fashion Week last season. The collaboration garnered more than 100K likes per post and allowed fans to view a makeup consultant's busy schedule during fashion week.

Another example of social channel takeover is the collaboration between Alexa Chung and Vogue. At London Fashion Week last season, Alexa Chung took over Vogue's Snapchat channel for a day. The fashion model snapped live show coverages and interviewed people backstage, giving fans an inside look at fashion week. Watch this video on The Scene.

2. Dedicated Events

Apart from all the designer shows and presentations, companies often times host dedicated events for industry influentials to attend. Dedicated events are a great way to get personal and form a genuine relationship with influencers during fashion week. It's also a great way to encourage brands to host creative events that raise awareness for the influencers themselves and allow the brand to reach a broader audience.

This last NYFW, Unravel Project's Fashion Week Party with Barney's invited industry influencers such as Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Culpo, Emily Sundberg, and more. The dedicated and private event setting allowed the brands to focus and spotlight an exclusive list of guests, as well as create an environment that encourages these influencers to share with their fans.

3. Brand Sponsorship 

During fashion week, many brands choose to sponsor influencers with their services in exchange for exposure. Companies such as Uber, provide transportation services during fashion week to influencers such as The Haute Pursuit. In exchange for free rides, influencers post their experience on social channels to share with their fans.

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4. Street Style Game

Fashion week has become more than just designers showing their latest collections to fashion insiders. During fashion week, street style is just as important and brands make sure they dress the top influencers. Influencers such as Marianna Hewitt are often photographed before and after shows, giving brands and designers the chance to advertise their collection.


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