Why Tokyo?: The Fashion Capital Where Rules Are Being Rewritten

Launchmetrics Content Team

Tokyo is considered as the Asian style capital, known for its vibrant youth fashion culture and trending street style, influencing the global fashion world.

Tokyo is a metropolis like no other in the world. From impressive architecture and heritage culture to crazy street fashion, and Japanese fashion brands that are known all over the world, Tokyo is a city that combines the past, the present and the future all in one place.

Today, Japan is the second-largest luxury market in the world, behind the US, but ahead of China. The younger generations are at the forefront of this trend, purchasing European high-end luxury brands like Balenciaga, Céline, and Gucci. This resulted in a total expenditure of $97 billion on footwear and clothing in 2017, pushing the Japanese annual luxury market growth rate to 7.6%.

With over 431,000 employees in clothing and textile manufacturing, the Japanese fashion industry has brought out some acclaimed brands that have made themselves a name all over the globe. Think of Rei Kawakubo who is the creative head behind Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons, or famous streetwear brand BAPE. If you’re into these Japanese fashion brands based in Tokyo, then Ginza is the neighborhood to go to! Located southeast of Tokyo, Ginza is home to many luxury flagship stores and retailers such as Dover Street Market, luxury department store Mitsukoshi, or high-end boutique United Arrows.

If you’re visiting Tokyo in March or October, make sure to check out Amazon Fashion Week, Tokyo’s bi-annual fashion event, where upcoming designers and Japanese fashion brands broadcast their newest collections and set the trends for the next season. Can’t make it? Japan’s list of fashion publications is endless, making it easy to catch up on the latest fashion news.  

Tokyo is a great city to explore how tradition combines with new futuristic ways of living, making it an attractive place for mature and younger crowds.

Take a look through the infographic we’ve created below so you can get a feel for the Asian fashion capital yourself:

japanese fashion brands

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