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If you keep up with the beauty community then you'll know about the much-anticipated launch of the collaboration collection between beauty authority Jeffree Star and digital creator, Shane Dawson. The pair created a docu-series in the lead up to the launch on Shane's YouTube channel, each of the videos amassing over 15m views as the duo took viewers through the trials, tribulations, costing and creation that goes into a Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette. Moreover, the videos provided an insight into how the rest of the beauty industry operates - whether it be how influencer collaborations really work, sharing typical product pricing models that consumers wouldn't otherwise be clued in on, or how partners negotiate market exclusivity.

The videos, to say the least, built up a lot of hype around the official launch of the full collection on November 1st, and, in this BBMoment, we explore the MIV® generated from the pre and post-campaign launch.


The ShanexJeffree collab has generated a total Media Impact Value™ of $54M since September 24th. Most of the MIV generated was as a result of Influencer Voices, which is of no surprise considering Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are also both digital creators with a widespread following across their social media channels.

Again, perhaps unsurprisingly, 47% of the total MIV came from YouTube content, mostly via Shane's channel as he posted the series around 'The World of Jeffree Star' which chronicled the collection launch from idea to physical product. Interestingly the second-top social media source to create media impact for the ShanexJeffree collaboration was Twitter, which accounted for $14M of the total Media Impact Value. Both Shane and Jeffree were the top performers when it came to the Voices that created buzz around the launch, with Shane generating $25M MIV thanks to his YouTube coverage and Jeffree generating $10M MIV proving YouTube is a vital channel for beauty brands looking to succeed.

The top YouTube videos from Shane Dawson's series 

As Shane's video series was such an important driver for the launch we've decided to split the top-performing posts by the series features and non-series content.

The debut video

In one of the record Media Impact Values we have seen for a post from an Influencer or digital creator, this singular video generated $5.1M MIV alone. The video kicked off Shane's series online as well as launched the two's plans to conceptualize and produce an eyeshadow palette. This later turned into a launch which included two palettes, merchandise, a liquid lipstick set, lip balms, and glosses. 

Total MIV: $5,109,995

The dangerous world of Jeffree Star

The third installment in the video series achieved a whopping 19M views and counting, which probably helped account for the high MIV it received. The video also saw 115K comments, a much higher engagement rate than what is typically seen on Instagram.

Total MIV: $3,864,656

The 20 million dollar deal

This video took viewers through shade swatching as well as the negotiation between Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Morphe Brushes for supplier exclusivity to stock the ShanexJeffree products when they eventually launched. The entire conference call was recorded, giving fans a look at the inner workings of the beauty world. One fan commented: "This series is legit the most genius marketing strategy ever done in history."

Total MIV: $3,488,767

The top YouTube and Instagram posts for ShanexJeffree

The first look

The top Instagram post from the collaboration overall was the palette reveal, which showed both the main Conspiracy Palette as well as the mini Controversy palette. The collection completely sold out worldwide when it was launched from both Morphe outlets as well as Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Total MIV: $1,235,364

The exclusive preview

Nikkie de Jager (otherwise known as NikkieTutorials) was the first influencer to review and preview the palette, showing her support for her fellow creators in the beauty community. Although most of the top-performing posts were either by Jeffree, Jeffree Star Cosmetics or Shane Dawson, this video also racked up a high MIV.

Total MIV: $1,143,813

The photoshoot

This post accumulated 785K likes and was one of the first looks at the campaign photoshoot both Jeffree and Shane did for the launch, showing off the looks from the collection on both of the collaborators which probably helped accumulate engagement, as it featured the two stars of the mini-series.

Total MIV: $764,837K

It's safe to say that the collection launch was a complete success, with the main palette selling out on both first launch and pre-order launch following the release. A collaboration between two hugely followed digital creators, with a creative spin, helped market the product not only to fans but to makeup lovers who are interested in the way the industry works.

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