#RadarTalks: Jeremy Langmead, Brand and Content Director at MR PORTER

Jessica Michault

My name is Jessica Michault, and as the SVP of Industry Relations of GPS Radar, I’m dedicated to nurturing the private, members-only community for fashion, luxury and cosmetics professionals. Through this platform, I strive to ensure the smooth running of the various features through which members can access fashion week event calendarsmanage show invitescreate mood boards with favorite runway looks, share press notes and make new connections with other industry pros around the world.

And, to further foster the GPS Radar community, we publish frequent interviews on the blog section with well-known, respected industry figures, providing members with insights and expert opinions from all imaginable backgrounds and specialties.

So, for this month’s #RadarTalks, we wanted to feature our interview with Jeremy Langmead, the Brand and Content Director at MR PORTER. Langmead is one of the founding members of MR PORTER, which first launched in 2011 and stocks the likes of Alexander McQueen and Gucci. He created, launched and grew the MR PORTER website into an award-winning e-commerce platform created for men looking to have access to both the best fashion in the menswear market and the best editorial content designed to help those men relate to their sartorial choices on a deeper level. Langmead has previously held positions as editor-in-chief of Esquire, and CCO of the British auction house, Christie's to name a few.

Tune in below to get to know Jeremy Langmead, and how MR PORTER is heading into fashion’s future full steam ahead.

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