Fashion Week Social Media Guide: Our Top 5 Instagram Tips

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As NYFW quickly approaches, it’s time to rethink about how you'll leverage Instagram’s new features to maximize your social media influence during fashion week. Apart from the regular photo snapping, here are our top 5 tips for attendees!

  1. Activate post notifications for your favorite brands!

With this fairly new IG feature, you can easily sign up for post notifications from your favorite brands during fashion week. With this activated, you’ll know for sure that you’re getting the latest scoop from all your favorite brands and social channels!

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  1. Follow Instagram Stories and Utilize the Pinch-To-Zoom Function!

Following the steps of Snapchat, Instagram recently launched their own Instagram Stories. Make sure you tap in and view within 24 hours so that you don’t miss out on any behind-the-scenes magic or celebrity appearances. Another highly anticipated feature finally launched in Instagram! The new pinch-to-zoom update allows users to get a more detailed look on images and videos in their main feed, profile pages, and in their explore tab.

  1. Spare the #hashtags

With the decrease in use of multiple hashtags per post, it’s important to choose your hashtags strategically. Although having multiple hashtags can increase the exposure of your post, ultimately you want to select relevant and brand official hashtags so that you’re targeting the right group of viewers.


“To quote a joke I heard: the amount of hashtags in an Insta equals the amount of medication the poster should be on.”

- Laura Brown, Executive Editor, Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Explore Geotags!

This season, NYFW will be showing at Skylight Moynihan and Skylight Clarkson Square. Take a glimpse at shows you’ve missed by navigating through the different geotags. Your geotags can also help brands and photographers locate you for potential exposure opportunities!

  1. Tap-tag your outfits

To really show off your amazing and thought out fashion week style, make sure you tap the image to tag proper designer's social channels instead of using hashtags or mentions in the description area. A benefit that tap-tagging can bring is that it can potentially show up as a photo of the brand on their Instagram page.
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Adopting our top five tips, we hope that your social media influence this season will be stronger than ever. We hope you enjoy your shows and we’d love to hear how you're leveraging Instagram during fashion week! Find us at @fashiongps!


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