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3 Quality Swedish Clothing Brands You Should Know

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The Scandinavians are undoubtedly masters in finding the perfect balance between comfort and looking incredible, yet effortlessly fashionable.

Nordic cities such as Copenhagen and Helsinki are known for their cool street style, and many internationally recognised fashion brands are based in Nordic countries. In this post however, we want to focus on Sweden's capital, Stockholm, an equally attractive fashion city known for housing brands such as H&M, &OtherStories and COS. However, we'd like to steer your attention towards 3, perhaps lesser known, quality Swedish clothing brands that call the Swedish capital their home and are definitely worth checking out. They all have one thing in common: stylish simplicity!

3 Quality Swedish Clothing Brands:

Filippa K

Co-founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson, Filippa K has evolved into one of the leading Scandinavian fashion players that also has its spot in the international fashion market. The fashion brand’s focus lies on: Style, Simplicity and Quality. Besides this, Filippa K has set itself a goal to only use sustainable fibres for its clothing by 2030. This year’s Fall collection garnered a lot of attention since Filippa Knutsson got back to designing for Filippa K. After her 6-year-break, her comeback underlined, once again, the values of the brand and the minimalistic, yet stylish pieces of the collection are classic wardrobe essentials at an affordable price.

Tiger of Sweden

Established over 100 years ago, Tiger of Sweden used to be a brand that sold ready-made, top quality suits. After many ups and downs, the 1993 brand revamp allowed Tiger of Sweden to rise in popularity again as one of the first to take the suit look out of the bank and into everyday wear. The fashion brand describes itself as still evolving, but what is certain is that they have made their permanent mark on the Scandinavian fashion scene already. So what’s their style? Tiger of Sweden is specialised in ‘a different cut’, meaning the brand creates new interpretations of well-tailored fashion with its own character. From classic blazers over high-quality jeans to cool, must-have outerwear, this Stockholm-based fashion brand offers everything for the Scandinavian fashion lover.

House of Dagmar

Named after their grandmother ‘Dagmar’, the 3 sisters Karin, Kristina and Sofia founded their Swedish clothing brand in 2005.  The fashion brand's collections are inspired by art and architecture. At House of Dagmar, sustainability has a very high priority and is built on 3 pillars (is it a coincidence that it’s 3?), namely: Design, Ethics and Longevity. All pieces are created to last long, not only in quality but also in design, and their production is both environmental and animal-friendly. Frequent production checks to ensure that the factories live up to the set standards, and sourcing materials within the same country whenever possible, are essential factors for the fashion brand. Locally, they even offer delivery service by bike. House of Dagmar is certainly an outstanding example on how to do sustainable fashion that has great quality and looks stylish at the same time.

What other Swedish clothing brands do you love? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you're interested in more info on clothing brands from other smaller fashion capitals, check out our report on the top brands at Berlin Fashion Week or our post on the Polish Fashion Scene.

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