Beauty Reading List

Beauty Reading List: 10 Articles and Reports to Read and Share

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At Launchmetrics, we always try to provide industry insights with the aim of sharing news, information, and innovation of which the beauty industry, and beyond, is the primary focus. In this article, we have therefore gathered some of our key content to create a beauty reading list  in the hopes that this will provide a starting point of reflection for the evaluation and planning of marketing activities and strategies. Adaptation and strategic planning are particularly essential in a sector whose growth is estimated to reach $675 billion worldwide by 2020.

Beauty Reading List: 10 Articles and Reports to Read and Share

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A factor driving change in the beauty industry is the digitally-native (v-commerce) brands that, during the last decade, have disrupted the market and pose a challenge to already established brands. In this report, you will find a detailed analysis of the sector's leading Voices, the results obtained from the marketing strategies of global beauty brands and much more.

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Never before has the use of technology and digital innovation been such a key factor for the beauty industry. From Clio Makeup tutorials to virtual makeup Apps like L’Oreal's MakeUp genius, to the v-commerce brands commanding the attention of consumers across digital platforms. Technology brings the beauty experience closer to everyone. 

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An ebook created in collaboration with Cosmoprof, in which we look at the new methods of use and purchase of beauty products by consumers, leading the main innovations that beauty marketing has adopted in recent years.

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In this report, you will find an analysis of data from a sustainable perspective, where, relying on our Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) algorithm, we have developed an understanding of who is driving the conversation around sustainability and what still needs to be done.

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$53M in Media Impact Value™. This is the amount generated by Kylie Jenner and her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, across just 3 weeks. In this article, we look at how the makeup mogul made the best of a business announcement to amplify her brand’s marketing activity as well as the Voices which provided the most value.

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In an increasingly saturated digital market and where, in general, consumer touchpoints have tripled, brands must consider new strategies and tactics for diversifying their marketing mix. Making the best use of the potential of their retail partners is a strategy that although sometimes overlooked can bring a high return. 

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This #BBMoment is dedicated to the marketing strategies that have allowed 5 beauty brands to make their products go viral. Discover how in this blog.


A list of the four main applications of AI and Machine Learning to explain how vital they are in the beauty industry. These are technologies that can completely change the way brands operate, simplifying processes and providing more efficient services.


The meaning of the words “Beauty Brand” has changed over the years. Why is it so imperative now that brands implement an omnichannel strategy in order to guide the customer journey effectively? 

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YouTube + Influencer = the perfect sum for success. With the multitude of messages and content that we consume on a daily basis, especially when we refer to the younger generations (Gen X and Gen Z), brands are looking for specialized channels of communication that their audiences trust and are more primed to listen to.

We hope you enjoyed this beauty reading list. If you would like to see a host of stats and strategies from the top beauty brands today, read our report below:

Beauty Reading List

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