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Boost Your Brand’s Notoriety: 5 Ideas For The Luxury Goods Industry

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Margherita Zama

“Consumer expectations are changing and today everybody wants luxury,” Kapferer in “Luxe Oblige”.

The Internet and social media have revolutionised the nature of brands. Although this seems fairly obvious for most sectors, the truth is that it’s new for the world of luxury goods, since this market has always been driven by a supply and not demand-based strategy. The digital revolution has cast doubt on the idea that luxury is the possession of valuable objects, and today consumers themselves decide.

Businesses that create experiences from digital opportunities communicate with their customers not only with the aim of gaining notoriety and visibility but also to have greater influence on purchasing decisions. If you’re looking for inspiration on this industry, here are 5 ideas for luxury goods that will help you boost the notoriety of your brand by creating memorable experiences, both online and offline.

Get the most out of Instagram

Instagram, one of the most important social networks in the fashion and luxury goods industry, has a global audience due in part to the use of hashtags, something that has always been closely tied to this platform. The key to the success of a luxury brand on Instagram is to strike the right balance between creativity and consistency, you have to think about what aspects you want to highlight, what message you want to get across, what filters to choose and what are the best colors to interact with your audience.

The haute couture label, Elie Saab, one of the top 10 luxury brands with the greatest engagement on Instagram according to Luxury Society, is a perfect example of this. Since 2011 the brand has increased its frequency of publication on the social network, transforming it into its foremost communications tool. Initially it used Instagram to personalise images to share on Twitter, now Elie Saab showcases its collections, campaigns, videos and impacts in media such as Vogue.


But pretty pics aren’t enough! We have to learn to understand and know the brand’s community. Tracking your community on a daily basis gives you a better idea of what it wants and how to craft your message accordingly.

Invite your consumers to know more about your brand

“Internet has made it possible for brands to showcase themselves without the need for middle-men. Which is why we have to be able to provide our best customers with privileged information, those customers that need more detail than others”, said Reynald Sauvet from Digitas.

We have to open up the company’s universe to consumers and invite them to participate.

Plus, it’s very important for fans to be given access to everything surrounding the brand, such as backstage images (images from events, associations, etc.) and to showcase the company’s know-how and attention to detail when creating products. Brands like Dior suggest discovering “the hidden heart of the dream” when visiting the Dior house. In another example, Victoria’s Secret enables users to see what’s behind celebrity fashion shows, or the Angel’s beauty tips, etc.

brands and luxury visibility

brands and luxury visibility 2

Activate your influencers

According to a recent study by Forbes magazine, 33% of millennials trust blogs and influencers when making a purchase. We are told time and time again, influencers are experts in specific topics and they get this across to interested consumers. This power to influence socially give brands a unique ability when boosting their notoriety, as well as in penetrating new market segments and influencing consumers who opt for a brand.

Jimmy Choo, for the launch of their new winter boot line, invited eight international bloggers on a trip to Switzerland with the aim of sharing tips on winter snow fashion. You can see all the exclusive pics of the shoot and how the team used the comments generated by the hashtag #snowchoos. These fashion influencers turned a simple pair of snow boots into a must-have item for the season. What do you think? Is it possible to do the same without the help of fashion bloggers? Personally, I don’t think so, but it’s open to debate!


The holidays are here! Have you sent Santa a letter yet? In order to feature in your letter, brands have to be on your shopping list. And it’s precisely the luxury brands that have to be most creative, something that Cartier and Tiffany & Co have already done by, for example, using interactive shop windows for their ads this year. Burberry for example has wanted to make shopping for Christmas presents easier this year by creating its own gift search feature. Shoppers looking for inspiration can find it by using the #BurberryGift hashtag, all they have to do it Tweet it, and they’ll get customized gift suggestions.

After all, the shopping experience should always be customized and cared for. Any approach seeking to adapt to customers and recover that hands-on feeling helps brands boost awareness and loyalty for their community.

Set up an exhibition or event: bring luxury to your consumers

Digital has marked a turning point in recent years in luxury brands’ communication with customers thanks to different factors, in terms of experience, atemporality and legitimacy. Brands have tried to reach customers through international history and heritage exhibitions. For instance, Chanel Culture held two exhibitions, one in China and another in Korea last summer, attracting new shoppers who had less awareness of the brand’s history and reaffirming its legitimacy. Obviously, Chanel has also launched very successful digital experiences, but these exhibitions serve to strengthen its sustainability and its reputation and legitimacy.

BONUS: The French brand, Louis Vuitton, told its story with a retrospective exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris called Volez, Voguez, Voyagez to celebrate its history and heritage, therefore investing in this area of the arts.

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