5 Communication Campaigns to Watch

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It’s that time again to gather up the best examples of recent communication campaigns. Check out the top 5 that you should know about:

Most Shocking Second a Day Video (by Save the Children)

The toughest challenge for any charity is to get your audience to empathize with your cause. Save the Children, achieves this with a film that underlines the third anniversary of the crisis in Syria.

The video tells the story of a year in the life of a young English girl in the format of a “second a day” video and shows how her life moves from middle class normality into the chaos of war. It ends with this message, “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” The video has since amassed more than 31 million views on YouTube.









World’s Toughest Job (by cardstore)

The video features real job candidates interviewing for a “director of operations” job. The requirements are 135 hours to unlimited hours a week, degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts necessary, no time to sleep, no vacation… and no pay. Who would accept a job like that? Mothers, billions of mothers worldwide.

This is how cardstore, from American Greetings, pays homage to mothers on Mother’s Day.










Calls For Dad (by Dove)

What about the Dads? Dove had already launched several campaigns aimed at women emphasizing “real beauty,” but the brand does not forget the male sector in their advertising. For Father’s Day, the brand took the opportunity to congratulate all dads with an emotional video. 









Violence is violence (by ManKind Initiative)

40% of domestic violence victims in the UK are men. Male domestic violence charity ManKind, uses a hidden camera to explore the great differences between the way male and female victims of domestic violence are treated by society. The video aims to make people realize that violence is violence, no matter who is the victim. 










Undressing New Twingo (by Renault)

To promote the launch of the new Twingo, Renault ran a teaser campaign that slowly unveiled more of the new car, the more people tweeted about it.

On February 11th, Renault (together with We Are Social) sent a teaser to media and influencers with content announcing the pre-reveal, encouraging them to get involved.

Two days later, a live video stream showing a new Twingo covered in spyshot camouflage stickers was launched on undressnewtwingo.com. For every 100 tweets using the hashtag #undressnewtwingo, four dancers removed a sticker. In less than an hour and a half, #UndressNewTwingo was trending on Twitter in France. This is proof that developing strategies with influencers can be very effective as it made this campaign go viral. 



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