The Data Behind Coachella and Beychella 2018

Launchmetrics Content Team

As one of the most in-demand music festivals, Coachella always makes an impact in the media with global fans getting a taste of the desert festival by living vicariously through the lens of social media and online publications. This year's festival, Coachella 2018–or Beychella as some fans have called it–especially made an impression with Beyoncé's surprising yet powerful performance while tributing HBCUs.

Through our audience-driven Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) algorithm, our team dived deep into the impressive data and media value behind the first weekend of Beychella and Coachella 2018. Here we feature some of the top liners that made this year's Coachella a historical success.

1. The social-winner of Coachella 2018

With a total Media Impact Value of over $116 million and total posts of over 460K just for the first weekend, it's hard not to see at least one or two pieces of Coachella content on your social media feeds. Instagram accounted for over 70% of total MIV, making it evident that the photo-sharing app is still the most popular app for festival-goers to use and share their live updates. Staple Coachella attendee, Kendall Jenner, generated the highest MIV, $1.4 million to be exact, with her Revolve-sponsored IG post.

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2. The powerful gang behind #Revolvefestival

While the tag #Revolvefestival was second highest for the first weekend of Coachella 2018, it generated the highest average MIV at $5,271 per post. Compared to top tag #Coachella, which generated $254 per post. Revolve's brand activation with influencers showcases the power of influencer marketing and how remunerative these experiential activations can be. Not surprisingly, Revolve's own Instagram channel achieved over $778K in MIV and their top three influencers for weekend one were Kendall Jenner, Yovanna Ventura, and Camila Coelho.

3. How Beyoncé turned Coachella 2018 into Beychella 2018

With her thoughtful, yet radical, two-hour performance celebrating the black cultural influence in America, and her multiple jaw-dropping Balmain outfit changes, Beyoncé and her fans generated over $45 million in MIV through over 88K posts. Beyoncé's 9 posts from the first weekend contributed to 40% of the total Beyoncé-related MIV, showcasing Queen Bey's influence and power in the industry.

Balmain's custom-designed outfits also proved to be rewarding for the luxury house. Posts that mentioned Beyoncé and Balmain generated over $1 million in MIV, while hashtags #Balmain and #Balmainarmy were both in the top 30 tags from weekend one.

4. Yodeling Kid generates $2.3 million in Media Value

DJ and producer Whethan surprised and shook his crowd with Mason Ramsey, aka "Walmart Yodeling Kid" for a solo performance on the first weekend of Coachella. The performance has so far been viewed 5.95 million times and generated over $2.3 million in MIV through 6K posts.

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While Coachella 2018 has come to an end, the surprises this year's show brought to festival-goers and viewers around the world continue to make headlines in media. Once again Coachella proves that the festival's hype will not fade anytime soon and the concert continues to be a great breeding ground for brands to create experiential activations for their ambassadors or consumers. View below an infographic that we've created to highlight and celebrate the top performers of the history-making Coachella 2018, or as most will remember, Beychella! The data extracted is based on numbers from the first weekend of Coachella 2018.





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