#FashionTalks: Britanny Burns from Fashion for Good on Changes and Challenges Facing Fashion now

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With a notable shift in the fashion and beauty industries towards increased consciousness around sustainable practices due in part to consumer demands, last year we released our Sustainability Report. Today, we have put together this in-depth analysis to better understand who is driving the conversation around sustainability, and what still needs to be done.

Covid-19 has changed the way the fashion industry works. With many supply chains thrown off-kilter and consumption on careful hold, experts say that the crisis of the industry is not only inevitable but a chance for a new chapter. We’ve talked to Britanny Burns, Director of Strategy and Development at Fashion for Good. Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, Fashion for Good is a platform for sustainable innovation, working to bring together the entire ecosystem to make fashion a force for the better. Brittany is responsible for global expansion, scaling operations, and developing partnerships across the innovation platform.

In this episode of #FashionTalks we will answer the following: 

  • What is the role of Fashion for Good, and how can companies at a global scale help in supporting their program? 
  • Should we try to fix the current industry and go "back to normal", or is there a fundamental issue of what the new normal for fashion should be? 
  • What is a workable strategy for a brand to survive in these times of uncertainty and unpredictable market development?  
  • As many would like to see sustainability as a new normal, and transparent and fair manufacturing practices are to be applied throughout the entire production and distribution chain, what is the role of tech companies in this? 
  • And of course, any exciting projects Fashion for Good is working on for the coming weeks and months.




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