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The Top Fashion Tech Blogs To Follow

3 minute read

Samira Hersom

The combination of fashion and technology has to us (for obvious reasons) long been seen as a match made in heaven. We’ve been witnessing how in recent years countless websites have popped up surrounding the very topic. Here are the top fashion tech blogs you should follow:

1. Fashion & Mash

fashion tech

An incredible rising star, Fashion & Mash sends you daily highlights of what’s going on specifically in fashion and tech. Rachel Arthur is a journalist and writer for, providing her know-how on where fashion and tech intersect and dissecting various topics whether its robots during fashion week or social media campaigns.

2. Glossy

fashion tech

Glossy has a great talent in taking fashion tech and making it sparkly and, well, glossy. The platform hosts ever-popular podcasts and topics recently covered by the online destination include Digital Luxury, Modern Media, and The Instagram Effect.

3. BOF Bits & Bytes

fashion tech

The Business of Fashion needs no introduction. get your dose of fashion tech from one of the internet’s most reliable fashion sources. Bits & Bytes features short snippets of news from various websites, therefore keeping you up-to-date on what’s the talk of the town – or the web, so to speak.

4. Fashnerd

fashion tech blogs

Fashnerd is a place where you’ll find news that others haven’t seemed to caught up on. Unlike many of the more “commercial” fashion tech blogs, Fashnerd highlights topics from its own angle.

5. Fashion Tech Daily

fashion tech

Decoded Fashion runs a daily feed of the top articles related to fashion tech from across the web. Find the hot topics neatly listed for you to browse through for yourself over at Fashion Tech Daily.

6. Geek Goes Chic

fashion tech

Who said being a geek couldn’t be chic? This blog written by fashion technology enthusiast Kasia Gola, hits the nail on the head. We came across it while researching wearable tech, and were impressed by its personal take on fashion and emerging technology. Check it out for yourself.


Know of any other cool fashion tech blogs to check out? Let us know below!

Samira Hersom

A currently London-based nomad, Samira enjoys drawing from her experiences in fashion PR and marketing from various cities in her writing.

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