#TheStrategySide: How to Measure Your Influencer Campaigns Effectively with Gill Ryder

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It’s time for the fifth installment of #TheStrategySide by Launchmetrics - our podcast series that takes a closer look at the best strategies for the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. For today’s episode, we turn our focus to the influencer marketing industry and speak with Launchmetrics' Influencer Marketing Manager, Gill Ryder. Gill walks us through the importance of measurement by brands of their influencer marketing campaigns, and how this in turn can foster better relationships and overall strategy both internally and externally. In this episode of #TheStrategySide you will learn: 

  • The changing scope of the influencer marketing industry following Covid.
  • The benefits of detailed measurement of influencer marketing campaigns. 
  • How to create streamlined workflows and clear processes when it comes to planning and running campaigns.
  • How to quantify the success of your influencer marketing campaigns, and thus partner with the most valuable influencers for your campaigns.

Launchmetrics · #TheStrategySide: How to Measure Your Influencer Campaigns Effectively with Gill Ryder

Take a Deeper Dive:

Influencer marketing has potentially become even more vital for brands in fashion, luxury, and beauty when it comes to communicating with their consumers after Covid. The scope of the industry has changed, with more autonomy resting in the hands of the influencers as collaborations now have to be genuine and relatable. Therefore, fostering and developing the right long-term partnerships with influencers is vital for brands that want to see success today. Most Millennial and Gen Z consumers discover and research products via their favorite social media channels, and so collaborations need to be convincing enough whilst still displaying true brand values that align with the influencers'. As highlighted in our recent #KnowYourMIV, where we tracked the partnership between Karen Wazen and Panten -  where she accumulated $1.3M in MIV® for the brand across 5 posts - it is clear how valuable influencers can be for creating impact and awareness around brands that really converts. In order to develop a better understanding of who might be the right fit for your brand or campaign, how your competitors stack up as well as how your campaigns have performed in the past, it is essential to incorporate measurement into your influencer marketing strategy. 

influencer marketing strategy

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