#KnowYourMIV: Jessica Kahawaty and Her Collaboration with Dior

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Previously in our #KnowYourMIV series, we tracked the data behind Diipa Khosla’s collaboration with Mac Cosmetics. This month, we are focusing on Mega-Influencer, Jessica Kahawaty, and the MIV® she generated for Dior on her recent campaign trip to Shanghai.

Kahawaty is not your average influencer by any means. She is an international model, humanitarian and law graduate, and has featured on TEDx panels about fashion and online activism, as well as held partnerships with some of the fashion, luxury and cosmetics’ worlds’ biggest brands. She has over 770K followers on her Instagram channel alone and racked up a total MIV of $1.8M in the space of less than a month when we tracked her data.  

Below, you’ll discover the media impact generated by Jessica for her collaboration with Dior between 6 March to 4 April, using our proprietary Media Impact Value™ algorithm (MIV®), which you can read more about here.

Top posts by Jessica Kahawaty mentioning Dior by MIV

Overall, Jessica generated a total MIV of $710K for Dior across all social and online platforms. This included content posted about the brand as well as content specifically in relation to her campaign trip to Shanghai. First, we’re going to take a look at the top posts mentioning Dior, overall.

1 ) Choices 

This photo, posted on Jessica’s Instagram (her top performing platform), generated a total MIV of $49K for Dior, the highest MIV across all of her platforms for the campaign. The post is a great example of engagement generation, as it encouraged users to participate in a conversation and interact with the influencer on her personal platform. The post received 19K likes and 953 comments, creating a stellar engagement rate of 26%.

MIV: $48,575

2) Stacked up 

Jessica retained authenticity with her audience, whilst promoting Dior - one of the reasons she is so successful as an influencer. The below post generated a total MIV of $45K and was tagged in Dior’s branded hashtag #DiorDreamParade - it is one of the top posts in the group

MIV: $45,021

3) Golden girl  

The final top post mentioning Dior, was Jessica’s full look from the #DiorDreamParade, the brand’s couture show. Her carousel of photos received a staggering 23K likes, as the Mega-Influencer was dressed top-to-toe in Dior.

MIV: $41,869

Top posts from Jessica’s campaign trip to Shanghai with Dior

Jessica’s trip to Shanghai racked up a total MIV of $288K for the brand. The trip, which hosted a bevy of influencers, including Cara Delevigne and Winnie Harlow, was dedicated to Dior Beauty and their launch of the Dior Addict Stellar Shine lipstick. Here are Jessica’s top three posts from the trip:

1) The photoshoot

The number one post from Jessica's trip to Shanghai was this image she shared from a photoshoot with Dior. Alongside, she included an inspirational quote, which made the post more personal and drummed up a high level of engagement including 22.6K likes.

MIV: $41,669

2) BTS

The second-top post in this category specifically, generated a total MIV of $40K for Dior, showing that even when tracking specified content, high values are still generated from events such as press trips. As video content is slowly becoming king, it comes as little surprise that a personal BTS video from one of her shoots was socially successful.

MIV: $39,868

3) Exclusive content 

Coming in close third, was another video post, showing exclusive content from the launch in the form of a karaoke video featuring Winnie Harlow and Camila Coelho. This type of exclusive behind the scenes content tends to receive high levels of engagement because it is something only Jessica’s followers can see. 

MIV: $39,783

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive look at the MIV generated by Mega Influencer Jessica's collab with Dior in this #KnowYourMIV series. Let us know via our social channels who you’d like to see featured in our next #KnowYourMIV article!

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MIV®: This mark is registered in the European Union.

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