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Berlin is in constant transition, and the city is now on everyone's creative agenda when it comes to art, music, and design. For over a decade, Berlin has also been establishing itself as a city on the global fashion map – and has managed to succeed, by defining the ways fashion is perceived in the nanotech age – zeitgeist relevant, high-tech and cutting edge.

Each season, Berlin continues to show its innovative side and invites designers, celebrities, influencers, and editors to MBFW Berlin. This season, they generated an impressive audience-driven Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) of $8.8M, $5.9M (40%) of which was from online media. In comparison with the previous season – January 2019 – which generated a total of $5M in MIV; this proves that the media and public interest are continuously on the up.

Of the $8.8M in MIV generated at MBFW Berlin, social channels delivered a Share of Voice of $2.6M.  Our data shows that in addition to this, the designers’ and brands’ Share of Voice is also growing.

When it comes to the top designers of this season’s MBFW Berlin, public favorite and TV host Guido Maria Kretschmer was the winner, generating a total MIV value of $1.9M for his collection in collaboration with the German catalog-turned-online retailer Otto. He was closely followed by Germany's Next Top Model Judge, Michael Michalsky's brand which racked up an MIV of $1.46M, as well as popular German brand, Marc Cain, who generated an impressive $964K, across online and social media channels.

Who is the Boss?

Germany is the second-largest retail market in Europe and is seen as a promising opportunity for any fashion brand seeking expansion. However, as the global fashion landscape is changing there are now multiple digital communication channels and points of sale, as well as more brands starting to employ the “straight to consumer” model. Well-known designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss are performing extremely well in Germany, attracting international celebrities and influencers, which help up their MIVs.

Hugo Boss alone had a total MIV of $7.8M for their latest collection launch event which was in collaboration with Liam Payne, who generated $1M in MIV for a single Instagram post.


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To find out more about all the data behind the MBFW Berlin S/S 20 take a look at our infographic below. From top designers to the impact by audience range and channels, we’ve crunched the numbers and outlined the highlights of the largest fashion event in Germany.


MIV®: This mark is registered in the European Union.

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