sustainability in fashion

The Question about Sustainability in Fashion | Infographic

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With sustainable fashion lines at otherwise 'fast fashion' brands finding continuous success, to Reebok's new sustainable sneaker, not to mention the boom in vegan lifestyles and very public refrains from the use of fur and leather materials from multiple luxury fashion brands, the conversation on sustainability seems to be reaching incredible heights - yet the question remains; is sustainability in fashion being spoken about enough to actually make a change?

We've looked into the conversations driving this initiative throughout the industry and spoken to a few experts on the topic, including their views on the developments made in sustainability in fashion below.

Amongst the top countries driving the conversation on sustainability according to Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) are 1) The US, 2) The UK and 3) India, but when looking at the proportions of engagement per single inhabitant compared to population, Greenland takes the lead. The data also shows that at the top of the list of brands pushing conversations on the topic of sustainability in fashion (in terms of MIV), are fast-fashion brands such as Zara and H&M. There's also no doubt that the involvement of some of Hollywood's A-listers into the growing cause has sparked mass interest among devoted followers, hence spiralling into the growth of the movement on social platforms. Hashtags such as #greencarpetchallenge and #ecofriendly, in particular, have been prominent in causing waves of awareness on social media.

To find out more about the underlying mechanisms beneath this growing global discussion, take a look through our social data infographic below.

sustainability in fashion

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