MBFW Berlin S/S19 // According to the Data

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Berlin, a fashion capital?

15 years ago, Berlin was a fashion desert. In the past, when anyone thought of fashion, Germany's capital was certainly not top of mind.  Fast forward, and Berlin is no longer a fashion "nobody". Over the past years, the city has produced some promising creatives, shining a new light on an emerging, unique fashion capital. Berlin has evolved into an edgy and exciting city and is attracting international fashion industry experts, not only with its eclectic designs, but also with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin which is held bi-annually. Each season, Berlin is showing its innovative fashion side and inviting designers, celebrities, influencers and editors to MBFW Berlin, to witness the slow but steady rise of a new fashion metropole.

MBFW Berlin S/S19: Powered by influencers

This July’s MBFW Berlin was the fashion event where influencers outshined celebrities (according to the numbers). Social media star Julia Beautx generated 10% of the total audience-driven Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) on social media with just one post, whereas top celebrity, model Stefanie Giesinger was only responsible for 1.8 %. Nevertheless, Stefanie’s Instagram post about MBFW Berlin made it into the top 5 Instagram posts of the fashion show, next to above mentioned Julia, fashion blogger Carmen Mercedes, model Dany Michalski and influencer Nihan. When it comes to the top designers of this season’s MBFW Berlin, Guido Maria Kretschmer is the absolute winner, generating a total MIV value of €342K across online and social media, followed by Marina Hoermanseder with €277K and Dutch label Botter with €167K.

To find out more about all the data behind the MBFW Berlin S/S19 take a look at our infographic below. From top celebrities and designers to the impact by audience range, we’ve crunched the numbers and outlined the highlights of the German fashion event.



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