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How Chiara Ferragni Won at Milan Fashion Week | Infographic

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This fashion month we had the pleasure to collaborate with Stylight, a leading aggregation platform for fashion and beauty, to uncover the success of sponsored content during fashion week, particularly #ads by Chiara Ferragni during Milan Fashion Week! Stylight's analytics team took a look at the potential impact that her posts had on searches and clicks on their website, while our team of data scientists calculated the overall Media Impact Value™ Ferragni generated for each sponsored post.

The results below in the infographic are outstanding (although not a complete surprise to our data team – we've looked into the power of Chiara Ferragni's Instagram content before). And, last week on our Instagram Stories we announced that this All-Star Influencer turned entrepreneur garnered more MIV® than any other opinion leader during the Italian fashion week (her posts generated over $2.5 million in MIV!):

Chiara Ferragni's Instagram Impact during #MFW

Ferragni's most impactful sponsored post during Milan Fashion Week was around Alberta Ferretti, racking up approximately $493K in MIV. She is featured wearing a long, beaded jumpsuit. And, according to Stylight, this collaboration led to a 30% rise in searches for jumpsuits on their site, as well as a 50% uptick in clicks on Alberta Ferretti.

The second and third highest ranking posts according to MIV were both for Prada (collectively these posts sparked over $890K in MIV). Chiara Ferragni's full Prada outfit included a thick black headband and as a result, Stylight detected a 200% rise in clicks on headbands!

Another top post was that created for Roberto Festa. Ferragni is pictured in white pointed toe Roberto Festa boots, and potentially thanks to this post, Stylight saw their Roberto Festa brand page receive +300% traffic.


chiara ferragni instagram

The MIV generated by Chiara Ferragni during Milan Fashion Week (plus uptick in traffic and clicks on related products on Stylight's website), proves just how effective influencer collaborations can be – especially during key industry events, such as fashion week.

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  1. Ginny

    Great and detailed article! How is the MIV calculated though? And how would one determine the effective ROI or generated sales? Are brands even interested in direct sales or they are mostly looking for interactions and google searches for brand awareness?

    • Julia Cohen

      Hello Ginny! MIV is our proprietary algorithm. We have a blog post explaining MIV, which may help answer your questions! You can access it here.