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When Influencer Engagement Meets Big Data

Caroline Baron

Data is good, intelligence is better!

Nowadays — when everyone is talking about Big Data — communication professionals do not seem to be concerned. “Big Data is marketing stuff,” they’ll say. But that is just not true anymore! Communicators see their business evolving towards online engagement. This requires a thorough understanding of stakeholders’ needs and expectations as well as its community in general. This is where big data comes in.

We are already likely to be using data to analyze and measure what we do with the famous Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) set to show the Return on Investment (ROI) for each and every one of our actions.

But properly analyzing all of these indicators remains a major challenge for brands: why was the impact lower? Was it because we chose the wrong time to send the communication out? Or maybe we used unappealing visuals to accompany the text? The lack of a broader perspective and a prior track record reduces the quality of our analysis. It’s almost impossible to see the bigger picture if you don’t have previous results to compare your actions to. And this is where Wisemetrics takes over!

To overcome the lack of descriptive data intelligence, Wisemetrics — a company composed by a number of highly qualified data scientists and computer experts that now forms part of Launchmetrics — has developed algorithms based on audience analysis to identify the kind content that will garner the greatest impact. Whether it be wording, format, broadcast schedule, or repetition of messages — this technology is capable of providing recommendations to users to improve their performance, including their content strategy. The analysis of thousands of interactions among brands, their fans and followers are pooled together to develop collective intelligence and extract a vast number of valuable insights for marketers and communication professionals.

”Many users of our solutions do not leverage most of their data reporting, either due to a lack of time or statistical skills. Hence the need to successfully move beyond descriptive analyses – the past – and in favor of predictive analytics – the future – and even better, prescriptive – which we recommend. In other words, add a layer of intelligence to data that allows users to be more productive with the long term in mind,” says Stéphane Allard, Vice President of Product at Launchmetrics.

Influencer Engagement: One step further to creating the right content, for the right person, at the right time

Faced with the vast amount of information that bombards us everyday, optimizing the impact of the messages being transmitted is a major challenge for any brand. In a 2014 TNS study, 89% of Internet users claimed to be willing to engage with a brand if it was able to offer high value-added content. Value is subjective from a customer’s viewpoint. We understand that amplifying the impact of a content’s reach only makes sense if it is hitting a well-targeted audience.

Platforms such as Facebook announced that they were going to lower organic reach to benefit sponsored content. This means that your organic Facebook posts are only reaching a mere 2% of your audience. That’s why user behavior analysis is now essential to successfully capture their attention.

This also represents an opportunity for influencers. An influencer is building up his/her community based on expertise about a given subject. The person addresses a target community that that has put their confidence in them. Collaborating with an influencer to distribute your messages is THE opportunity to address your target group, while avoiding the limitations imposed by certain channels.

“We are witnessing a real dispersion of authority, consumers are placing more and more importance on the values being transmitted by brands and refuse to be interrupted. Hence the challenge is for brands to build their legitimacy and successfully intercept consumers, in particular by providing the right message to the right person at the right time,“ says Michael Jais, CEO Launchmetrics.
Now, imagine that somehow you are able to apply predictive analytics to your influencer strategies: Don’t you think you would be getting the perfect mix to be able to really understand the results of your marketing/communication actions?

Now that we’ve, finished be sure to take a look at our infographic about Big Data below.




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