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“I Would Never, Ever, Ever Send A Press Release To An Influencer” - An Interview With Jay Baer

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Last Monday, Jay Baer helped us build our Digital Communication Map that was launched during the World Public Relations Forum held in Madrid. Today, we are sharing our entire interview. The New York Times’ bestselling author, Jay Baer, is an expert in digital marketing, social media and technology trends. Without a doubt, he himself is an influencer on these topics: anything and everything he does or says generates reactions and inspiration!
We can’t stop talking about “New PR” and how communication practitioners have to evolve in order to bridge the gap between traditional PR and Influencer Marketing.
Jay’s extremely busy agenda worried us when we asked him for an interview. However, it actually ended up being quite easy to arrange! And here it is: get inspired by our interview with Jay Baer.

How has the work of communications professionals evolved over the past 5 years?

Communications professionals have had to get faster, as the pace of information has changed a lot. They have had to find ways to communicate in shorter, more visual ways, especially online and in social media. And they have had to find new ways to measure their success, as math and accountability have become almost required.

We were talking about PR a few years ago. Is Content Marketing now responsible for driving corporate messages?

It’s both. Certainly, content marketing enables companies to tell their own stories directly in many cases. But the trust and reach that can come along with earned media are still important.

You talk a lot about Influencer Marketing. In your opinion, what do online influencers (bloggers, Twitter users, etc.) expect from brands?

Most online influencers want to know what’s really going on at companies. They want to see behind-the-scenes to experience the company in different and unexpected ways. Companies that help influencers get closer to the business fare better than companies that just try to sell products through influencers.

And what does an influencer have to offer a company? What is their value?

Influencers can either provide audience (reach), or advocacy (the ability to cause actions on the part of the people that pay attention to that influencer). Sometimes both, but it’s usually one or the other.

Are press releases dying? What should a press release have in order provide value to an influencer?

I would never, ever, ever send a press release (in the classic sense) to an influencer. Personal, customized, relevant email is the way to go.

Is Content Marketing replacing traditional PR?

I wouldn’t say it’s replacing traditional PR. But certainly, PR has to embrace and understand content marketing.

Concerning all these changes, some of them directly related to communications and marketing departments or even, the whole company structures, you should take a look to this video. Jay’s giving a presentation based upon his latest book The Now Revolution:

Does it seem like business has changed more in the past five years than in the 50 prior?

Maybe it has. Companies need to fundamentally retool their corporate culture, staffing, operations, and success metrics. Business must get faster. Business must use real-time data to get smarter. And business must break down silos and get more social – internally and externally.


New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer is a frequent guest of the press when it comes to digital marketing, social media and consumer technology trends. Recent appearances include USA Today, AdAge, MSNBC, Fast Company Magazine, NPR, CBC, and Inc. Magazine. Visit JayBaer.com to discover more.

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