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#KnowYourMIV: The Top 10 Beauty Influencers on Weibo

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For our #KnowYourMIV series, we’ve analyzed the performance of the top beauty Influencers on China’s leading Social Media platforms, revealing the Launchmetrics Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) data gathered from January to May 2021. In this article, we are focusing on the micro-blogging platform Weibo. 

Weibo is one of the leading platforms in China, and with over 230 million daily active users, according to Statista, Influencers can be a great asset for brands to promote their name and products to a wide audience.

It is important to note the differences between Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and western Influencers, such as the greater trust placed in Chinese KOLs and how loyal their following is, more so compared to Influencer followers in the west.

So let’s take a closer look at the top 10 beauty profiles on Weibo and how they have been a great asset as part of a successful marketing strategy.


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Coming in the first position is 原来是西门大嫂! This talented beauty Influencer has an overall MIV® of over $1.68M. Her median Media Impact Value™ is $16.8K, averaged over more than 100 placements.

With content often featuring mass-market cosmetics brands such as NYX Cosmetics, L’Oréal Paris, Colour Pop, and Revlon, she is one of Weibo’s most noteworthy KOLs with her engaging and accessible content, and top posts generating more than $18K in MIV® for brands like L’Oréal Paris.



Also seen in our article on China’s top beauty Influencers across platforms overall, is 薇娅viya. This post of hers shown below on the Weibo platform made $57K MIV® for beauty brands Sisley, Skinceuticals, and Givenchy Beauty.

Weibo post with video showcasing beauty products

As one of China’s top Influencers, you’ll see her content on the Social Media platform Weibo often featuring a range of beauty brands. And on her channel you’ll be sure to come across a range of different content forms, from text and picture posts from her everyday life, to live streaming videos where she engages her followers directly.

Her overall Media Impact Value™ came to a total of $1.54M, showing her strength as a creator and an asset when it comes to brand and product promotion.


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The Influencer in third position on our list is known for her content featuring luxury beauty brands such as La Mer, Tom Ford Beauty, Estée Lauder, Shiseido, Clarins, Guerlain, and more. 深夜徐老师 has also been featured in our previous #KnowYourMIV article and makes her appearance yet again as a top creator on Chinese Social Media.

Weibo video post showcasing beauty products

Her total Media Impact Value™ came to an impressive $1.35M through just 31 placements which gained an average MIV® of $43.6K.


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As Weibo is a micro-blogging website and one of China’s most used social platforms, beauty KOLs like 雪梨Cherie have worked hard to build their loyal following. This Influencer is known for her Weibo content featuring many stylish fashion and beauty shots, live streams, and of course beauty brands and products.

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Her total MIV® stands at over $1.3M. As a staple face for fashion and beauty in China, you will see featured in her content major brands like Clarins, Shiseido, Estée Lauder, La Mer, and more. It's no surprise she was able to generate $125K MIV® for a post which featured both Estee Lauder and La Mer. She could be a great asset for brands to work with, as her potential reach is over 12.7M.


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毛小星Ryan made 69 Social Media placements related to beauty brands from January - May 2021 on Weibo. His content tends to show off his defined aesthetic and often features products from luxury brands. His profile and content have attracted a large and loyal following, helping boost his total MIV® to $1.22M.

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Seen in the graph above is his Media Impact Value™ and the number of placements during the period, in relation to luxury beauty brands he has featured on his Weibo channel.

Weibo post showcasing beauty products

This post above generated $32.4K in MIV® for Estée Lauder.

毛小星Ryan ranks in fifth position on our list of top Weibo Influencers, however, as a creator he is still achieving over $1M in MIV® which highlights the marketing potential for collaborations with brands and how as a platform Weibo can be a great asset for brands and provide plenty of opportunities.



With a total Media Impact Value™ of $1.10M, an average of $33.5K, and 33 placements, puts 仇仇-qiuqiu in sixth position on our list of Weibo’s top beauty Influencers. Her Weibo page is full of color and features close beauty shots of her face, pictures depicting her life and travels, as well as reviews, links, and images of beauty products from both luxury and mass-market brands. 

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As many of the Influencers we feature in our #KnowYourMIV series, they often have a presence on multiple platforms. 仇仇-qiuqiu is no exception, as she also has a strong profile on video platform Bilibili and on Xiaohongshu (RED).


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In seventh position, we find an Influencer who shares content on both luxury and mass-market brands. 喵爷-吴淼 has a profile with a clean and clear aesthetic and shares stylized shots and videos of products as well as videos of himself reviewing brands and products for his audience. 


Weibo post showcasing beauty products

This post generated $14.2K in Media impact value and featured products from a wide range of brands all in one post.

喵爷-吴淼 also has a popular WeChat account where he’s seen a great impact on his posts, but with Weibo as a predominant platform, he generated a total of $1.07M in MIV®.


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An Influencer who is also known for featuring mass-market brands in her posts such as Revlon, MakeUp Forever, and L’Oréal Paris, generated 109K in MIV® for MakeUp Forever and has a potential reach of 7.24M.

Weibo video showcasing beauty products

Her Weibo profile is highly impactful, with contrasting colors and a lot of visual content, much in the form of vlogs and videos. Her average Media Impact Value™ stands at $34.7K through 30 placements, and her overall  MIV® was $1.04M. 小猪姐姐zz showcases her impactful and stylish content with luxury brands as well and has plenty of posts mentioning the likes of Chanel Beauty, Dior Beauty, Givenchy Beauty, Guerlain, YSL Beauty, and many more.




Nearing the end of our list it’s time to look at Ruby幼熙 who comes in ninth place of Weibo’s top beauty Influencers. Whether it be for Weibo, Billibili, or Xiaohonsghu (RED), she is full of ideas for how to share her content and so her Weibo channel sports many vlogs, links to product shares, and stylish beauty and fashion images full of soft, ultra feminine colors.

One of her top posts shown below made $50.4K in MIV® for Guerlain.

Weibo video showcasing beauty products

Still one of the Social Media platform’s top KOLs, she totals her Media Impact Value™ at just under $1M.

Weibo video showcasing beauty products

Known for her insightful beauty content, it’s no surprise to see Ruby幼熙 as part of our top 10 on Weibo. Major brands you can associate with this Influencer include Shiseido, Clarins, YSL Beauty, Tom Ford Beauty, Givenchy Beauty, Dior Beauty, and others.


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In the final tenth position our list is 彭特务! La Mer, Estée Lauder, Guerlain, NYX Cosmetics,  L’Oréal Paris, and MakeUp Forever are just some of the top beauty brands she has featured in her content.

Her posts are usually very professional, and yet full of personal touches, as she shares a good variety of both personal videos of herself showcasing outfits and beauty looks, as well as content with a higher production value and more in-depth exploration of products and brands.

Weibo post with video showcasing beauty products

Above is a Weibo post that generated $90.8K in Media Impact Value™ for Clarins.

In the period of January to May 2021, this beauty Influencer created 20 beauty placements which averaged out at $48.7K MIV® and totalled $974.2K MIV®. Although she sits at tenth place on this list, she actually demonstrated the highest engagement rate of all these Influencers with a rate of 1.78%.


We can clearly see there are many talented Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders who are well versed in featuring and promoting major beauty brands and their products, resulting in top Media Impact Value™.

Marketers can greatly benefit from utilizing beauty Influencers on Weibo as they know how to. connect and resonate with their following when promoting brands and products. The platform itself also offers a good basis for promotion as it’s a micro-blogging site that allows a variety of formats including text posts, videos, images, and direct links to e-commerce.

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