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How Tech Is Transforming Fashion Events

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We’ve all heard about it: globalization and digitalization have dramatically impacted the fashion industry. There’s no doubt that fashion events are a far cry from what they were even a decade ago. They’ve shifted from exclusive, industry-only affairs, to international experiences available to any individual with access to the Internet. But, the global broadcast of fashion events across social and online channels is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a tech revolution happening in the industry, and every aspect of an event from the organization and execution, all the way to the follow-up  has been transformed in some way.

Tech is changing fashion events 

The Organization

In our hyper-connected world, fashion events no longer belong to the industry elite. Fashion has become a hot topic among digital users over the past couple of decades. To understand just how popular these types of events have become, you only need to head over to Instagram and search for the #fashionshow hashtag; you’ll come across over 8 million posts.

Consequently, guest lists have also grown. It’s not just about inviting editors and buyers anymore, but about getting influencers (ranging from micro-level to celeb) to attend. The right influencers therefore post about the show, increase buzz and garner more coverage. Fashion events are the ultimate marketing platform of our digital era.


As fashion PR and communications professionals strive to keep up in an ever-growing, fast-paced industry, finding ways to save time and stay organized is essential. This is where tech comes in.


Keeping track of an extensive guestlist can be a headache without proper organization, which is why more and more professionals are turning to cloud-based software to manage their contacts. Digital platforms allow event organizers to segment guest lists (imperative for invite send-outs) and input essential information that the team may need to know to properly welcome VIPs.

By segmenting these guest lists you can also send out invitations according to profession with different access times. For example, you can send a tailored invite to photographers asking them to come one hour in advance to set up. This way, not everyone comes at once and you can pay more attention to your special guests.


Paper invites have long been the standard for the fashion industry. And, while they may still be prevalent, many brands are shifting to digital invites. Sending an evite is not only more efficient, but eco-friendly as well!  And the best part about digital invites? Brands and fashion week organizers are including QR codes - this not only allows them to immediately identify you at the door when scanning the invite on your phone, but to quickly usher you to your seat.

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However, some major fashion brands have found a way to even make their paper invites tech friendly! Luxury houses such as Fendi have incorporated RFID (radio frequency identification) within their invites. This way when guests walk through the antennas placed at the entrance, a signal is immediately sent to the event organizers’ phones letting them know that that guest has arrived and indicating where to seat them.


Have you ever had to make any last minute changes to a seating plan? But then the other event organizers had the wrong chart and sat a guest in an incorrect spot? Seating plans can be a nightmare if they’re not cloud-based. And luckily, tech innovations have aided professionals in this area as well. Now there are digital platforms that streamline seating chart organization: from uploading the guest list, to tailoring seating charts to any space, and providing access to all organizers so they can always see the latest version.


The Experience

The marriage between fashion and technology has also led to the rise of experiential shows and events. From the screening of collection presentations (instead of physical ones), to performances with light and sound effects during runway shows, to the use of virtual reality. It’s all about invoking feelings and emotions among guests; these technology enhanced events aid brands in transmitting the essence of their identity and to therefore build a relationship with their audience.

And it’s not just the attendees that are benefiting, audiences in all corners of the world are joining these events from home thanks to live streaming. Now there are 360 degree cameras that allow users to feel like they’re right in the middle of front row viewing the show. Take a look at Prada’s live stream for their SS 2018 womenswear show and you’ll see that by dragging the screen with your mouse, you can view every angle of the venue live!

The Results

The benefits of using tech at fashion events don’t end when the show does. In fact, one of the most helpful tech solutions out there involves post-event reporting. From tracking press mentions and benchmarking performance, to measuring the media impact of events by using data analytics, the industry is gaining incredible advantages.  

For PR and communications teams, the biggest benefit of all is perhaps being able to understand the ROI of their activities or influencer collaborations they choose. At Launchmetrics our team of data scientists use a proprietary algorithm called audience-driven Media Impact Value™ (MIV®) which allows us to analyze the repercussion that a brand receives at any given event. Take a look at this recent analysis on Chiara Ferragni and Fedez’s buzzworthy wedding.


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@chiaraferragni and @fedez 's wedding was one of the buzziest events of the year! The digital impact for fashion and cosmetics brands was monumental, both in terms of Media Impact Value and engagement. . Our data team tracked this major event from start to finish (plus the day after) and we’ve analyzed and measured the buzz generated across social media & online channels. . Head to our blog to find out all about the figures behind #TheFerragnez epic wedding 💍: #linkinbio . #launchmetrics #poweringtheindustry #fashionindustry #luxuryindustry #cosmeticsindustry #crunchingthenumbers #TheFerragnez #wedding #dior #prada #lancome #albertaferretti #socialmediaimpact #digitalimpact #MediaImpactValue #MIV #engagementrate #onlinebuzz

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Not only can data help brands measure their success when dressing celebs or launching new products, but they can also identify influencers that suit their objectives. This is done by tracking influencer performance, the audiences they are activating, and their loyalty to each brand.

Thanks to all of these tech innovations the future couldn’t look brighter! Tech is certainly transforming the industry and the way we work. As more and more brands discover the advantages, it’s vital to adapt and keep up. If you’d like to understand how digital solutions can help you, ask for a demo via this link.



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