The Most Influential Famous Instagram Couples of 2017

Launchmetrics Content Team

Twenty-seventeen marked the end of #bae and the beginning of #couplegoals throughout social media. In collaboration with our favorite people over at Stylight, and making use of our data team's expertise in social media stats, we were able to put together a list of the most influential famous Instagram couples of 2017.

1. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

famous instagram couples

Justin and Selena. Selena and Justin. The on-and-off romance has been going on for years, yet somehow fans on social media can't get enough. When Selena Gomez publicly showed up at events earlier in 2017 with Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as "The Weeknd", their budding romance was both loved and hated by stans from all angles. Nonetheless, we all knew who really had Selena's heart all along. She was spotted back with Justin Bieber in L.A. and now the two are conquering Instagram with their combined mega-followings

2. Chiara Ferragni & Fedez

famous instagram couplesIf Wonder Woman were a blogger, her name would be Chiara Ferragni, which is why we had to cover her social influence numbers when she turned 30. Ferragni had a lot to announce in 2017; cute couple photos flaunting her passionate relationship with Italian rapper "Fedez", their emotional engagement on Italian national television, and then, suddenly, the growing baby bump that followed. 2017 was intense for Ferragni and Fedez, whom received over 2 million likes on their first baby bump picture on Instagram alone.

famous instagram couples

3. Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik

It's been nearly two years since the "Pillowtalk" video was released featuring Gigi and Zayn, yet the power couple who posts relationship pictures are stronger than ever. With Gigi Hadid already being one of the most influential models in the world (highlighted in our Data on the Runway report), her post of she and Zayn celebrating her birthday broke the Internet with more than 4 million likes. With a following of over 60 million combined, no wonder this post on Instagram was a hard-hitter.

4. Victoria & David Beckham

famous instagram couples

"Posh and Becks" have been reigning tabloids and online media alike since what feels like the beginning of time, so personally they get my vote, but in terms of social coverage on Instagram this power couple comes in fourth place. Not bad at all for what some may call industry "veterans", but as social media is all about the new, one cannot deny Victoria Beckham's growing impact on the fashion and beauty industries in 2017.
Victoria's "Happy Birthday" post to her loving husband David received over a million likes. Vive la romance!

famous instagram couples

5. Olivia Palermo & Johannes Hübl

It-girl Olivia Palermo and Johannes Hübl make a handsome couple no doubt, but do you know what their influence is actually worth? Over 6 million followers combined it seems and a very high engagement rate to boot. Hübl's #sundays cute couple photos giving a glimpse into their relationship as well as Palermo's 10th anniversary post garnered thousands of comments wishing the couple well. 






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