How to Maximize Your Digital Assets & Get More Coverage

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How Do You Maximize Your Digital Assets?

Titles like Vogue and Allure have always had a definitive voice within fashion, luxury, and cosmetics. They’ve told us which brands, trends, and names we should pay attention to. However, with the shift to digital, consumers are turning to many different sources for this information—and the use of digital assets could change the game for brands.  

Media outlets, both print and online, are now facing enormous pressure to publish more content, more often; all while running on smaller budgets. Not to mention, the push to feature international content, without having a strong international network.

Writers and editors need wider access to different content options—and brands who want to be covered must listen and deliver. Maximizing your brand’s digital assets could be your ticket to building stronger ties with the media, and ultimately being the next big story.

Give publications what they need: digital assets

Flashback to when publications had editorial budgets that allowed them shoot images for the “10 best beauty products for fall” in-house. Top photographers would be selected and editors would request samples from brands. The possibilities were endless.

Fast-forward to today, and we see production budgets shrinking and internal photoshoots being reserved for more important editorial sections such as cover shoots or feature stories. Editors are now looking for accessible digital assets to bring originality and excitement to their daily features. By allowing publications to easily find and download images from your latest product lines and collections, you can maximize your media exposure and generate brand awareness.


Photo credit: Marie Claire

Transition into every editors’ key contact

When you think of major luxury brands, they’re typically associated with the top fashion capitals: New York, Paris, London and Milan. But in today’s global landscape, new labels are popping up all over the world—the clutch du jour from Dubai’s Nathalie Trad, Danish design star Stine Goya or Quay’s notoriously chic sunglasses from Australia.

As a result, media publications need to expand their coverage to include trends from emerging markets. When it comes to global contacts however, editors are unsure of who they should connect with to get images or samples. Making your digital assets available on a site like GPS Radar can connect you with editors beyond your normal reach and form new relationships that will help expand your network within the industry.

Discover a new kind of brand loyalty  

Everyone has their ride or die brands. Nonetheless, the mix of luxury and mass-market products has caused a disruption in consumer loyalty. It’s now perfectly acceptable to use L’occitane skin care products while experimenting with the latest lip shades from Glossier.  

The same thing happening in media. Editors of course have their favorite brands but with the industry constantly changing, they are trying to discover new brands across luxury, affordable luxury and mass-market while bringing the latest & greatest trends to their readers.

This is just another reason to make your digital assets easily accessible. Your brand will benefit from establishing new relationships with industry contacts to generate more editorial coverage.  

Take your digital assets to the next level

With the evolving media landscape, it is more important than ever to take your products digital and create a virtual space to house them. A digital asset management system or a digital showroom will allow editors and other key media contacts to easily connect with your brand and help generate the priceless exposure that drives sales. Remember the three keys for digital assets, make them:

  1. Available
  2. Searchable
  3. Downloadable

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