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How AI Media Monitoring Is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry (& What it Means for You)

Launchmetrics Content Team

AI media monitoring is quietly weaving a revolution in the fashion industry, transforming the way we spot trends, as well as how we manage campaigns, craft brand stories and even manage samples. And while the potential of artificial intelligence is both daunting and awe-inspiring, the question we’re here to ask is, what can brands do, right now, to capitalize on this burgeoning technology and secure their place in an AI-driven future?

To help answer that, we’ll delve into some of the ways AI is profoundly impacting fashion and how AI media monitoring can help brands cut through the noise and gain an accurate picture of their performance.

Let’s take a look.

How AI Media Monitoring Is Shaking Up the Fashion Industry

Media monitoring is a crucial activity for every fashion brand. But to do it right, you need intelligent systems and processes. 

As we’ve detailed in our PR Reporting Survival Guide, brands today need to track mentions across five categories: social media, video, print, online articles and photo gallery inclusions. That’s a lot to keep track of—fortunately, that’s where AI comes in.

Automated Coverage Tracking

Tracking media mentions used to be a painstaking manual process, but now it can (thankfully!) be automated using AI-based tools. This process not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the potential for human error in data collection.

Even better, you have access to real-time data about brand visibility and performance. This means you can optimize your strategy quickly and responsively based on how products or campaigns are being received. You can also gauge brand interest over time and identify emerging opportunities or potential crises before they escalate.

In addition, AI-based coverage tracking makes it easier to keep tabs on the competition by gaining real-time insights into their activities and helping you analyze your position in the market.

Now, it’s important to note that coverage tracking alone isn’t enough to quantify brand performance. It’s not just the data you collect but how you use that data to glean actionable insights. For example, let’s say your data shows that you got a mention in an influencer’s YouTube video and another in an online Vogue article. If you cannot accurately compare the value of those two mentions, you’re not maximizing the potential of the technology. 

A standardized metric (like Media Impact Value™, or MIV®) gives you a directly comparable ROI figure for every media mention. This type of metric, coupled with AI’s advances in data mining and image recognition, enables you to turn automated coverage tracking into truly valuable insights that revolutionize the media monitoring process. 

Intelligently Matching Media Clips With Samples

Every fashion brand knows the headache of tracking how and when their samples are used in editorial and organic content. Confirming whether samples have been used by media outlets or influencers is difficult. This often leaves brands in the dark about the effectiveness of their sample distribution strategies. Was the sample featured in a publication or a show? Was it worth sending? How can you make informed decisions about future sample send-outs?

That problem is solved when you use AI to seamlessly integrate media monitoring and sample management. Our latest innovations in improving sample tracking allow you to automate the process of discovering and linking media mentions to sample send-outs. The result? The ability to efficiently quantify the value of each sample, pinpoint top-performing assets and identify valuable relationships through an elegant and intuitive visual dashboard.  

By creating a bridge between sample performance and media analysis, AI-based tech can streamline your internal processes. This can free up teams to focus on high-value strategic initiatives.

Identifying Key Voices 

Fashion marketing changed dramatically with the rise of social media. Now, brands must be able to successfully navigate the complexities of influencer marketing. As well as filtering through the volumes of organically created content that echo across the digital space.

Key to both of these processes is understanding which Voices of Fashion are shaping the conversation about your brand. You must be able to identify which celebrities, influencers or editors are driving impactful stories. and yielding the best performance metrics. 

Using AI media monitoring to easily and accurately identify these voices allows you to build the right relationships and channel your resources into the Voices that have the most impact.

Understanding Regional Performance 

Understanding how your brand performs in different markets is essential for crafting effective, localized strategies. With AI media monitoring, you can segment brand mentions by location. This allows you to effortlessly group all relevant data by market and tag it with custom region labels. 

These insights empower you to tailor your marketing strategies to meet the specific needs and preferences of each regional audience. For instance, if a particular campaign resonates well in Europe but not in China, you can adjust your approach accordingly. Ensuring that your messaging is optimized for each region's unique cultural and consumer landscape. 

Simplified and Instant Data Visualization

With all of the above, AI technology allows you to easily parse through extensive datasets and convert them into user-friendly graphs and charts. Helping to facilitate quick decision-making. 

With AI doing the heavy lifting, it only takes a few clicks to slice up and analyze your data by platform, region, time period and more. This instant visual feedback is invaluable for optimizing marketing strategies and communicating key insights in your PR reporting.

How Are You Media Monitoring?

These are just a few of the ways AI is creating revolutionary change in how brands can conduct media monitoring. As technology advances, the brands that embrace it as a tool for deepening their understanding of their audience’s needs. Giving them the upper hand. 

If you’re interested in using intelligent technology to track your media mentions in 200+ countries, across over 9,000 print titles and 45,000 web sources, Launchmetrics Discover is the platform you’ve been looking for. Request a free demo today to see firsthand how your brand can join the AI revolution and get an edge over the competition.

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