#BBMoment: How Anastasia Beverly Hills Became the Authority on 'Instagram Makeup'

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In the month of March, Anastasia Beverly Hills generated a total MIV® of $79.5M.

It’s no secret that the beauty industry has boomed as a result of social media’s takeover. Instead of only the biggest brands winning out by owning the purchasing power to monopolize shelf-space, 'indie' brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills can now use content, influencers, and digital platforms to market their products and compete at a much lower cost. Beauty products are valued not only on their quality but also on the buzz they generate as a result of beauty influencers, bloggers and other key industry Voices.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) has continued to dominate the industry through their clever marketing strategy and widespread social presence. The brand boasts 19.3m followers on Instagram alone (over 6 times that of Estee Lauder) which is also their most frequently used platform to communicate with their customers and fans. From the conception of a singular cult brow formula to an estimated company value of $1.5 billion, Anastasia Soares has become one of the “world’s richest self-made women.”

The Social Success Strategy behind Anastasia Beverly Hills

Gifting Micro and Mid-Tier Influencers at scale

One of the biggest trends we have seen with brand behavior in our recent State of Influencer Marketing Report is that they are leveraging Micro (those with under 100k followers) and Mid-Tier Influencers (those with 100-500k followers) over those with larger followings. Anastasia Beverly Hills has done this to scale.


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Of the brand’s total Media Impact Value™ (MIV®)  for March, $47.8M was generated solely by Micro and Mid-Tier influencers. The most successful posting date in March in terms of MIV was on the 14th when the brand generated $4.49M in MIV in one day. On this day, Anastasia Beverly Hills shared posts from 5 Micro and Mid-Tier Influencers, their follower bases all ranging from 5k-139k. Whilst they still distribute product to influencers with larger level followings, the data shows that the most MIV is generated from these smaller profiles, suggesting they are more likely to share product reviews and content if the product is gifted to them and not a paid campaign.

These were Anastasia's top influencers in March 2019: 

Using branded hashtags

One of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ top tactics when it comes to social success is the use of branded hashtags, which helps create a bank of user-generated content, building even more buzz. The most popular hashtag that ABH encourages its customers to post in, is #ABHBrows, which currently boasts 677K posts, giving the brand their choice of high-quality beauty content to repurpose, the ability to stay in touch with their consumers, as well as increased social attention. Customers also then feel a part of the ‘ABH community,’ and have the potential to be reshared on ABH’s social channels, making this social strategy a win-win for both brand and consumer.  

Staying authentic on Instagram

Instagram is by far Anastasia Beverly Hills’ most valuable social platform for generating MIV. In fact, Instagram brings 94% of ABH’s MIV from influencers. The brand has managed to shape a beauty community online that creates makeup looks specifically ‘for Instagram’, but has done so in an authentic way.

Anastasia Soares has previously said that she and her daughter manage the brand’s Instagram account on their own, creating authentic content “because they are in the salon, with the customers.” ABH consistently repurpose content from its consumers, far more than posting product ads, which offers higher engagement as well as increased authenticity. Almost every one of their 7 daily posts, features one of their fans.

Anastasia also personally interacts with consumers on the channel as she notes that “by speaking directly with consumers on social platforms, responsive brands can innovate to meet real-time shopper demands.”

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